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Tak vs Frey & Griffin - Custom Video Series 12

$ 25.95

TAK starts off the match teaching the newbie Griffon some of his favorite moves. These two guys are taking turns practicing the moves on each other, and are slowly getting more and more aggressive. Frey comes by and is mad that they’re goofing off when there’s a party that they need to be getting ready for. Mad at TAK for keeping Griffon busy, he decides to show Griffon how these holds are really done! He’s starts showing Griffon how the hold is done and then letting Griffon try them himself. TAK is soon a world of pain! With camel clutches, racks, and boston crabs, these two are having no mercy on TAK! TAK’s screaming in pain with two guys on either end, no way for him to break free. While TAK’s rolling on the ground in pain, Frey decides it’s time to really start having some fun, by doing moves you can only do with two people. Frey and Griffon get on either side of TAK and start pulling all his limbs apart in a double sided bow and arrow, followed by an agonizing two person surfboard. Next Frey teaches Griffon the back breaker, and lets Griffon torture TAK’s abs while they’re exposed and defenseless like that. The action in this match is non stop! Frey and Griffon are having a blast torturing the defenseless, smaller TAK who is screaming in pain and constantly trying to catch his breath. A match of pure domination and pain, two bigger guys teaming up to torture and work over the little guy. Buy the full match now to see the SURPRISE ending!! What do Frey and Griffon have in store for TAK after he’s already passed out? Will they let up and give him sleep, or do they keep up on having their way with him even while he’s passed out?