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Tak griffin Bodyscissors submission hold submit

Tak vs Griffin - Mat Rats 51

$ 34.75

Battling Beachbody Brothers


TAK's is hanging out with his BIG, colorfully clad brother, Griffin, who's spent too much time in the sun...his lean, athletic body is aglow, all 6'3, 210 pounds of him. And these two guys do what all brothers do best - the tease and taunt and torment each other, relentlessly. Grif won't take it from his younger brother, and resorts to adolescent shennanigans, making TAK howl with a "purple nurple", random kicks and even "noogies". But Grif quicky advances to choking, a headlock then a full nelson on TAK, teasing and joking all the while.


TAK puts an end to the nonsense with a low blow on Grif, then a leg drop on his neck. He stomps Grif's back, then sits on him, cranking his neck. He grinds Grif's face into the mat, works his elbow and shoulder with a vicious stretch, adding in a wrist twist for fun. He stands on Grif's back, spanks him, attempts a wedgie...the full assortment of adolescent tactics these two have been practicing for years.

Grif tackles TAK, and manages to get him into a small package Cradle. But with a quick eye gouge, TAK escapes. Grif wraps his legs around TAK's torso and crushes his ribs, then hauls TAK to his feet and into a reverse bear hug, before tossing him down to the mat. Things seem to be getting serious when Grif applies a rear naked choke, forcing TAK to shout "I give!" before being released. Grif flexes over his "baby bro".


But TAK keeps on, dissing Grif, then getting him into a full nelson, before Grif "hulks out" and escapes. Grif maneuvers TAK upside down into- a pile driver? Turns out to be an inverted bearhug, which when released, allows Grif to plant his foot on TAK's chest. He repeats this successful sequence of attacks, adding in a painful backbreaker over his knee. With TAK in pain on the mat, Grif steps on his back and flexes triumphantly over him.

In retaliation, TAK delivers a bullseye gut punch, then bearhugs Grif, lifting his BIG brother off the mat. Amazingly, he racks Grif on his shoulders, then drops him hard to the mat, and poses over him in victory.


Round Two starts off with a gut punches to TAK's chiseled midsection. With TAK stunned and breathless, Grif presses him overhead, demonstrating his surprising strength. Lowering TAK for another gutpunch, Grif presses TAK again, dubbing him a "twink". A third overhead press ends with TAK dropped to the mat in pain. Looks like Grif may assert his time-honored superiority over his kid brother once again...or will TAK rally and give his BIG brother a "taste of his own medicine"?