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Jersey TAK over the knee backbreaker pecs chest

TAK vs Jersey - Mat Wars 55

$ 31.25

#5 Best Seller Aug 2015

This match starts off with TAK trash talking Jersey and how pathetic he has been in his previous match. TAK calls Jersey a pussy and offers to teach him some moves. Jersey accepts and they take it to the mat. Jersey’s determined to show TAK that he’s capable of being a top Thunder’s wrestler. He gets TAK up into a painful fireman’s carry to help him stretch his back, and then starts to crush him with a bear hug. TAK isn’t phased however and shows Jersey what a real bear hug feels like. He likes hearing Jersey’s screams of pain and gets him into an agonizing surfboard trying to bend those arms all the way back. Jersey retaliates with some moves of his own, taking TAK into an excruciating full nelson, then tries to choke the life out of him with a crushing choke hold. Showing off the strength of his muscles Jersey begins to over head press TAK and then drop him down into a killer back breaker. TAK is screaming in pain, but still manages to keep his mouth running. Jersey doesn’t like being talked back to and continues his barrage on TAK trying to get him to admit he’s a good wrestler. With TAK screaming on the floor Jersey tries to shut him up by choking the life out of him with a gripping front head lock. TAK doesn’t give up with the trash talk so Jersey sits on him in a schoolboy pin, so he doesn’t have to hear him speak anymore. Jersey’s having fun running an all out domination against TAK and decides to give his back some more work with a forceful back breaker immediately followed by a much more powerful back breaker. Jersey starts to get cocky and trash talk back to TAK saying how easy this match is and how pathetic of a trainer TAK is. TAK decides to show him how to really win a match, with some cheap shots to catch the opponent off guard. With Jersey distracted and screaming in pain, TAK jumps onto his back and starts trying to choke the life out of him. Jersey’s stumbling trying to get back his composure when TAK goes for a crotch shot, he catches Jersey as he falls and puts him straight into a painful back breaker. Jersey’s still caught off guard and TAK takes advantage of the exhausted Jersey still gasping for breath and takes him into a camel clutch, wanting to show off some more moves, he then begins to stretch the other side of his back to the extreme with an intense boston crab. TAK’s getting cocky at this point and thinks he’s won the battle. He’s talking about how great of a trainer he is and offers his lessons to anyone who wants them. Jersey just gets more pissed off at this though and comes back at TAK with a renewed vigor! He’s angry and he wants to hear TAK scream “I give!” He begins his barrage with a jaw shattering choke lift followed by a body tearing banana split. TAK is screaming in pain and trying to hold out without yelling I give. Is TAK going to stay on top and show Jersey who’s boss? Or will Jersey’s rampage get TAK to give up and yell I give? Buy the match to find out what happens.