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Tak Lupe wrestle grapple Thunders Arena

Tak vs Lupe - Battlespace 64

$ 25.95

Indy pro wrestler Lupe is convinced TAK took something of his and Lupe wants it back. But TAK's not giving it up. Lupe is one big, strong guy at 6' 4" and 220 pounds, he towers over Tak's 5'9" size and he is very skilled at inflicting pain on his opponents. TAK is tough as nails and his trash talk got him into so much trouble this time. Lupe uses his power and ability to torture and inflict pain to make TAK tell him w. Lupe is almost maniacal as he methodically works on TAK 's arm and then his leg. Lupe smiles and laughs sadistically as he watches TAK groaning in pain from Lupe's torture of each body part, will Tak talk?!?! Can he hold out against pain? When TAK denies having taken what Big Lupe wants, Lupe stares at TAK, sniffs him and says, "I smell liar!" It's an intense head game that leads to intense physical punishment all over Tak's body. TAK fights back yet is his over powered and out gunned. Lupe 's arms and chest are so much bigger than TAK's, a fact which TAK can not overcome. These two guys trade a lot of painful holds like head scissors, ab stretches, drop kicks, body slams, and some very creative twisting of another person's body I could not even name. Get the video to see if TAK breaks under the brutally painful holds of a seasoned pro wrestler. Lupe keeps trying to rip off Tak's ear or sit on his head, but then switchers to dislocating Tak's shoulder. There even is a mercy where Tak is under Lupe already and I have never seen Mercy done when someone is already on the floor. Tak gets carried and slammed in ways we have never seen. One part of the match, which unfortuately the camera did not capture because was out of frame. Take was lifted so fast and furious up his feet shattered the light over the mat! You gotta get this to see one of the best big vs little beat downs this year!