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Tak vs Mutant - Battlespace 69

$ 31.25

Tough guy TAK gets way more than he bargained for in this match with impressive, but mysterious Mutant. This is Mutants first appearance on the Thunders Arena mat and his dominating performance is as impressive as his incredible physique. Mutant doesnt have much to say, but he doesnt need to say anything to show that he is the boss on the wrestling mat. Just looking at this guy is intimidating. His body is nothing but thick, perfectly developed muscles, and he knows who to use all that power to devastating effect. Mutant is stretching on the mat, when TAK shows up. TAK tries to start up a conversation with the big muscleman, doing some stretching along with him. But the silent Mutant continues his routine, until TAK gets in his face just a bit too much. Mutant gives TAK a deadly stare as a warning. But when TAK playfully punches Mutants rock solid abs, the silent bodybuilder lifts the little guy by the neck and carries him around for almost a minute, grunting I dont like to be disturbed. But TAK is a trash talking tough guy and as soon as the powerful Mutant releases him from his powerful grip, TAK challenges Mutant to a wrestling match. Mutants incredible power and deadly wrestling skills are put on display almost immediately as he just destroys poor TAK in hold after hold, throwing the little guy around like a play toy, occasionally flexing while he dominates TAK. Full nelsons, over the shoulder carries, backbreakers, vice like body scissors and overhead carries are all in Mutants arsenal of devastating moves. Mutant even does pushups on top of TAK, leaving the little guy groaning in pain. TAK gamely tries to fight back, wisecracking when Mutant repeatedly asks him if he wants to give, but Mutants size and power are too much for TAK. Mutant even laughs at TAKs attempts to put him in a hold. Mutant invites TAK to punch him in the abs, but the punches are like hitting a concrete wall, with Mutant humiliating the little guy by telling him to hit harder after every punch has no effect. Then Mutant declares its my turn and totally disables TAK after just three punches to TAKs abs. Throughout the match, Mutant gets in plenty of victory posing with his foot on TAKs back and chest. If you like watching big a muscular stud manhandle a handsome little tough guy, you wont want to miss this video.