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Eagle Profiteer headlock wrestle muscle abs

TAK vs Profiteer and Eagle vs Profiteer - Battlespace 86

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2 matches for the price of one

 2 matches for the price of one!

Tak vs Profiteer MATCH #1

TAK is a talker – always has been, always will be.  He uses words like weapons against his opponents, chipping away at their confidence and self-esteem, long before any lock up.  Sometimes it works – other times, his mouth gets him into trouble!

Opening during a bodyweight workout, TAK pranks his training partner, Profiteer, who promptly declares he’s had enough of TAK’s training.  Like the bully in a Charles Atlas commercial, Profiteer kicks TAK over onto the mat, belittling the Thunder’s Arena veteran, saying he’s just a lightweight.  Thing is, if you start trashing TAK, you’re gonna get it back tenfold!  Profiteer learns quickly that it’s hard to be arrogant and cocky when you can’t get a word in edgeways! TAK gets in his face, proclaiming the mat to be his and that he’s gonna kick Profiteer’s ass! Fighting words from the smaller wrestler, but anyone who knows TAK, knows that he can back it up!  “Let’s make this a friendly match-up, just because it’s your first time with me” Could Profiteer be any more cocky??!!

The two men lock up and TAK gets his first taste of what he’s up against.  With a skill that belies his rookie status, Profiteer blocks a single-leg takedown attempt and traps TAK, giving him a couple of jabs to the ribs.  Letting TAK go, Profiteer says “I was gonna go easy on you, but hey – if you want me go full throttle…”  This guy’s arrogance is off the scale!  They lock up for a test of strength, chest-to-chest, with neither backing down.  Profiteer drops his shoulder and lifts TAK over, whilst they’re still locked up!  Slamming him back down, Profiteer applies a tight arm-bar to the struggling TAK.  “Do you want me to break your arm?  I could snap it off right now…” “If you break my arm, I won’t be able to help your Mom out tomorrow night!”  Seriously, TAK’s mouth is gonna be the death of him!  “You wanna talk about my Mom?” as Profiteer wraps his arm around TAK’s neck, dragging him up and driving him back to the mat.

The two lock up again, this time with TAK getting the upper hand, lifting the rookie over his shoulder in a fireman’s carry.  Hanging precariously upside down, Profiteer hacks at the knees of TAK, who collapses to the mat!  Draping his hapless ‘teacher’ over his knee, Profiteer gets in a few shots to TAK’s abs before flexing over him. “I like to show off man, just look at this” before he drops TAK to the mat and leg drops him!  An elbow drop to his back has TAK groaning in pain!  Profiteer drags TAK’s head between his legs and pulls him up into a perfectly-executed over-the-shoulder backbreaker, throwing in a bicep flex, just because he can!  A seated-suplex and TAK is lying on the mat, wondering what happened?!  “You done yet?” asks the smug ‘rookie’.

Circling the prone form of TAK, Profiteer drops a fist into his abs, before dragging him back up straight into a shoulder barge, winding the Kid.  Three shoulder scoops leave TAK wondering which way is up, a confusion not helped by the crushing rear bearhug he receives from his aggressor!  TAK is in serious trouble, beginning to realise he might have bitten off far more than he can chew…

Profiteer’s ego is going through the roof, referring to himself as the Prophet and telling the viewers (and TAK) why he’s better than him – “I got the body, I’m winning, I make more money than you and man, I’m good looking!”  Pulling TAK up, he promptly knees him in the midsection.  “I’m psyched, I thought you guys liked this Kid” Profiteer addresses the camera “I’m gonna be your new fan favourite.  I know I’m a little cocky, but you’ll learn to like me.” Using Profiteer’s monologue as a distraction, TAK scoops him up and drops him on his head!  Taking the momentum, TAK traps Profiteers head in his legs and drops back into a killer head scissors!  Realising a submission’s not coming, TAK lets him up.  The atmosphere has changed, no longer laughing and joking.  “I’m sick of your attitude ‘bro’”  “You know what?” says Profiteer “It’s time to finish this”.  One wrestler asks the camera “You guys want me to finish him?”  The final, brutally effective hold has one wrestler screaming out his submission, no doubt as to the winner!  A definite and dominant ending to a terrific match!


Eagle vs Profiteer - MATCH #2 

Who is the profiteer?  He's a new kid that has a lot of very successful businesses but he doesn't take directions well, because he is rich the rules don't apply to him.  He thinks he knows everything, thinks he is the best looking and is super cocky.  He's a model friend of Eagle's who when Eagle told him he was wrestling for us basically told him that he was an amazing wrestler and could such a better job than Eagle.   Profiteer then went on to brag about how he will win over all the fans to him and become the newest super star bigger than Bolt even.  As you can see hiss ego is twice the size of his body and his confidence is over the top as well.  You will need to see this match to see what Eagle does with someone who is a model like him and thinks he is 10 times the man Eagle is, you don't want to miss this action.

Wow.  Eagle, a relative newcomer to Thunder’s Arena himself, has recruited his buddy Profiteer and brought him in for his first match. Man, the arrogance is coming off Profiteer in waves!  Obviously a product of privilege, Eagle asks Profiteer why he’s wearing a shirt.  “I don’t want to show off too much, I’m wearin’ this shirt so people don’t think I’m this cocky, arrogant, you know.  Although, we all know – I got talent.”  A cheap shot to the abs and it suddenly clicks – Eagle brought this guy in to bring him down a peg or two!  Profiteer aims a kick at Eagle’s ribs, but is caught and tripped to the floor.  Eagle follows him down, but is caught himself in a barrage of ab shots from the rookie wrestler!  Profiteer goes after Eagle’s legs with kick after kick that Van Damme would be proud of!

“You guys wanna see me with the shirt off right?”  Profiteer strips off his shirt, revealing a taught, gym-honed body.  Showing classic heel tendencies, he throws his shirt at Eagle’s face, hoping to use the distraction to catch him with another ab shot – but Eagle sees him!  Another takedown and Profiteer’s once again on his back.  Struggling to break free, he grabs Eagles head in a lock, but he turns too far – “Now you messed up!” as Eagle catches his recruit in a tight bearhug.  “Good Grip!” says Profiteer, clearly wanting to be anywhere but there!  The rich wrestler clearly knows what he’s doing though as he escapes and we see a back and forth battle for control!  Eagle gets his back though, and turns him into a full nelson stretch!  Again, showing a hint of hidden experience, Profiteer manages to get an arm free and drives several elbows into the weakened leg of Eagle!

There is an intensity here, as both wrestlers stare eye to eye – there’s obviously a history, an underlying tension that is working its way to the fore.  A test of strength has neither man going down, so Profiteer uses the lock to drive Eagle’s back into the wall! Again and again, he drives him into the solid surface, following up with elbows and forearms to the ribs.  Thrown to the floor, Eagle is hunting around for the remnants of his pride as Profiteer slinks toward him, a victorious smirk on his face.  He gets too close and Eagle scoops him up, throwing him over his back.  Again, with the savvy of a veteran, Profiteer keeps his cool and starts bashing the abs of Eagle.  Eagle drops him and catches him in a body scissors, but the ab bashing continues, with Eagle having no choice but to loosen his grip!  “No!” – Eagle knows what’s coming and he’s powerless to stop it!  To add injury to, well, injury, Profiteer hoists Eagle up into the beginning of a crab, then punches him hard back to the mat!  Twice!  With the skill of a veteran, Profiteer turns his man over into a Boston Crab, before turning it into a single-leg crab, and driving his foot into the spine of the hapless ‘teacher’.  An elbow drop to Eagle’s back and Profiteer is smiling.  “Get up” – Profiteer is clearly enjoying his beatdown of his buddy, but Eagle’s not out yet!  Catching a kick, Eagle trips his protégé to the mat and turns him over for a payback Crab of his own!  Escaping the crab, Profiteer is distracted by his own trunks and fails to see Eagle hovering with a full nelson!  “Profitter will not go down!” says the trapped rookie.  Eagle throws him to the mat – “Ok, maybe I will”.

“I’m not gonna lie” say’s Eagle.  “You’ve given the Eagle quite the match – but it’s not quite enough.  They call me Eagle for a reason – I soar.”  Eagle is revelling in his dominance of his privileged pal, his glee evidenced in his face.  Suplexes, ab shots, face locks, these two hold nothing back as they succumb to the primal competitive beasts within.  A wrenching arm bar has Eagle shouting “Give up Profiteer!”  The ‘rookie’ goes straight back to attacking the knee of Eagle, forcing him to let go.  He scoops his buddy up, asking the viewers “Should I drop him?”  He does, HARD!!  Forearm smashes and a truly visious forearm choke have Eagle almost out – but Profiteer wants more.  A rear bearhug into a surfboard has one hunk screaming as his shoulders are wrenched out of their sockets!  Back and forth they go until a final sleeper gives us a victor.  This battle may be over, but the war is just beginning…