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Tak Rocco Specimen  double backbreaker submission hold submit choke chokehold choking

Tak vs Rocco - Rough & Ready 41

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Tak and Rocco were wrestling and doing a damn good job of it. It has been a long time since we had a little guy on little guy match and this one is really good. There was a real intensity between these two and Rocco was really out to destroy Tak. There were lots of scissor holds and body locks. Tak wastes no time in trying to keep on top of Rocco be he squirms out not even using any holds we can describe, he just squirmes and moves so fast Tak has a hard time keeping up. Half way into the match, suddenly Specimen busts into the room and grabs Tak by the neck. Nobody knows what Tak said but he said something to really upset the big muscle man. Choke lifted and slammed into the wall Specimen starts yelling at Tak and throws him like a rag doll onto the mat. Then Specimen turns and screams at Rocco, "What are you looking at." Grabs him and over the knee back breakers him. Then Specimen starts to beat up both little guys in double bearhugs and double side headlocks. He puts them in many different holds and stacks them like logs on top of each other only to pose over his fallen opponents. There is a lot of flexing and lifting of these lilttle guys as Specimen destroys them, see if you learn what Tak said to set off the muscle monster.