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Tak Skyler headscissors pin abs chest pecs

Tak vs Skyler - Rough & Ready 51

$ 25.95
$ 31.59


Two of the hottest smaller guys at Thunders Arena square off in a match that shows how tough these two pretty boys can be. As usual, TAK exaggerates his wrestling accomplishments and says Skyler backed out last time he was scheduled to wrestle TAK. Skyler just shakes his head in denial and flexes his impressively muscled body, saving his trash talk for when he gets TAK into a painful hold during the match. TAK starts the action by picking Skyler up and slamming him to the mat. The move injures Skylers ankle, something TAK exploits throughout the match. TAK follows up with a knee to Skylers back and then bear hugs the more muscular Skyler from behind. But Skyler is a cocky little beast who doesnt like it when hes not in control of an opponent. So he puts TAK into a bear hug, throws him to the mat and then flexes over him. Clever TAK gets in a shot to Skylers tender ankle before the two get into some serious mat wrestling, exchanging cradles. Skyler winds up with TAK in a school boy pin and then shows off his muscular upper body with some flexing. TAK gets out of the school boy put by hooking his legs around Skylers arms, throwing Skyler back. After another shot to Skylers ankle, TAK throws him to the mat. But TAKs offense just makes Skyler more determined to dominate the cocky pritty boy. Skyler uses his superior power to put TAK in an over-the-shoulder carry, ordering TAK to submit and to give up. When TAK refuses to give, Skyler puts him in a camel clutch and again orders him to submit. Although TAK finally gives, Skylers big ego is hungry for more domination and he tells TAK Im not done with you yet as he flexes and admires his own muscles. Skyler puts TAK into a brutal Boston Crab, yelling Submit to me now! After Skyler is done punishing TAK, he proudly flexes, says Thats how a real man does it and orders TAK not to get up. When TAK disobeys and tries to get up, Skyler drops an elbow smash to his back. This happens four times as TAK tries to get up and Skyler tries to beat TAK into obedience, ordering TAK over and over to Stay down! With TAK in agony from the elbow smashes to his back, Skyler puts him into another camel clutch and orders TAK to Submit! Give in to me now! Having enjoyed his punishment of TAK on the mat, Skyler tries to pull him to his feet so he can beat him while standing. But TAK hits Skyler right between the legs with a forearm smash. The expression on Skylers face tells it all as he drops to the mat in complete agony. Eager for revenge, TAK stomps on Skylers ankle then mimics the beat down he got from Skyler, dropping repeated elbow smashes to Skylers back and mockingly telling Skyler not to get up. Then TAK continues the punishment of the arrogant Skyler by locking him in a neck scissors with his long legs. But when TAK stands, Skyler retaliates with a dirty shot right to TAKs package. With TAK on his back in pain, Skyler puts his knee on TAKs chest and flexes in domination. Then Skyler reaches down and slams TAKs head into the mat over and over, asking How long is this beat down going to last? Then Skyler pours on the punishment with a leg drop and an over the knee backbreaker, yelling at TAK Come on little man, scream! Skyler follows up with a belly to back bear hug and throws TAK to the mat, telling TAK to stay down. When TAK disobeys and gets to is feet, Skyler lifts him in a two handed choke and orders him to submit. But TAKs not beaten yet. He puts Skyler into a belly to belly bearhug, throws him down and steps on Skylers ankle once again. Then the two exchange gut punches back and forth for a couple rounds each, before Skyler ends it by putting TAK in a quick over the knee backbreaker. TAK retaliates by putting Skyler in an ab stretch, but Skyler reverses and gets TAK in a side headlock, again ordering TAK Submit to me now! With TAK almost out cold, Skyler finishes him off with pile driver. Leaving TAK sprawled on the mat, victorious Skyler says This guys nothing.