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Tak Travis flex pose flexing muscle worship chest pecs abs

TAK vs Travis - Rough & Ready 82

$ 16.99
$ 25.95

Travis is waiting for TAK to arrive, so he decides do what he does best and get in a little posing for the camera.  His massive arms and triceps are a major distraction though and the beast fails to notice TAK running in with a cheap kick below the belt!  With a cry of “Let’s wrestle!” the match is on!  TAK tackles Travis, scooping him up and dumping him on the mat, before trapping the muscle teen in a head scissor and repeatedly smashing Travis’ arm into the mat!  TAK hammers Travis’ abs HARD!

Travis strips TAK of his shorts revealing tight purple trunks, but that doesn’t phase TAK – he runs full speed at Travis, ramming his shoulder into Travis’ already battered abs!  Travis traps TAK in a DEVASTATING full nelson, all of his muscle mass bearing down hard on TAK’s neck!  TAK is thrown around like a rag doll as he tries to escape Travis’ clutches!  Slipping free, TAK scissor kicks the unsuspecting Travis against the wall!  Fans of gut punching will be in heaven as TAK just unloads on the brick wall of Travis’ midsection, mercilessly pounding on the muscle god’s abs!  Travis weathers the storm and throws TAK to the mat, flexing and posing over him, his abs bright red from the earlier abuse!  TAK is pulled into Travis’ waiting thighs for a massive SQUEEEEZE! TAK wants to be anywhere but between those humongous quads!  Travis crushes TAK so hard that his enormous legs start to quake from the effort!  TAK is being pulverised!

A rookie mistake has the big man caught in a SPINNING BEAR HUG!  TAK impresses with his strength as he lifts the behemoth and carries him around in his arms before unceremoniously dumping him to the mat!  A folding pin / body scissors com has one wrestler crying out in pain!  In an awesome display of power, Travis lifts TAK high over his head and repeatedly GORILLA PRESSES him!

Pec pounding, ab bashing, constricting scissors, and crushing bearhugs to name just a few – this is a battle of speed & technique vs muscle & power!  Want to know which wrestler ends up out cold on the mat with the other flexing over him?  Get the match now and find out!