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Tak viggo headscissors submission hold submit pain torture

Tak vs Viggo - Mat Rats 41

$ 34.75








Tak has gotten super cocky and lately been trying to boss around the new guys. Viggo was outside doing yoga stretches to limber up for his next match when Tak walks over and starts ordering him around and making fun of his new look with no beard. Viggo is not going to just stand there and take it, so he lays into tak with smashing him onto the wall and gut punching. He then over head presses Tak in a very impressive way, only to carry him by the neck over to the post and choke Tak even more. This just ticks Tak off so he tries a few tricks of his own like bearhugs and even a flying small package. Still Viggo is a powerful dude and kicks out and starts to work over Tak's lower back with over the knee back breakers and over the shoulder lifts. This is a powerful, intense, match you will love to add to your collection of Tak's adventures. Plus feel free to contact us and let us know what you think of Viggo's new clean shaven look, we will be sure to forward your responses on to him.