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Talon vs Bucky - Ring Wars 13

Talon vs Bucky - Ring Wars 13

$ 25.95
$ 31.59

Talon is checking out the ring, preparing for his first match ever in the ring, when Bucky comes wandering up, wondering what Talon’s doing in his ring. Bucky’s brand new to Thunder’s Arena, but he’s not new to the ring. He’s impressed by Talon’s abs, but he’s making fun of Talon for not being able to bounce his pecs like Bucky can, but Talon just says that’s because he would need to add some more body fat. That pisses Bucky off, and takes Talon down quick, showing off against the ring rookie. Talon’s not impressed, he enters into a flex off with Bucky, before taking him down himself. He mounts Bucky who’s still lying on the ring and pulls him into a laying full nelson. Bucky’s yelling out in pain, so Talon keeps it up, pulling him back into a choke hold. After he’s had enough of Bucky’s screams, he slams him down onto the mat, and Bucky starts crawling away to a corner of the mat, asking him to stop. Talon’s reveling in the pain Bucky’s in, and starts stomping down on his chest in the corner, and then shoves his foot against Bucky’s throat. Bucky is freaking out and crawling away trying to escape the wrath of Talon, but Talon isn’t planning on stopping any time soon. He gets on top of Bucky and starts choking him against the ropes, Bucky’s struggling to breathe and can’t catch his breath, but Talon’s loving his first time in the ring and isn’t about to let up that easy. He grabs Bucky and runs him across the ring, slamming his face into the corner before stomping on his face some more. He starts flexing and showing off his ripped muscles, giving Bucky too much time to breathe before Bucky starts his counter attack. Bucky’s been made a fool and he’s pissed, he slams Talon back into the corner before grabbing him around the head and flipping him onto the mat. He quickly gets down and puts Talon into a choke hold before he can get up, and jumps up to slam his head down against the mat. He starts to claw away at Talon’s eyes before Talon rolls away. Talon is going towards the ropes to try and catch his breath, when Bucky mounts on top of him and starts to ride him like a horse, yelling and yipping like a cowboy. Talons throat is the buffer between Bucky and the rope and his face is turning purple from the strain! Talon’s a ripped guy who’s been getting lots of experience beating people up at Thunders, but Bucky’s an experience ring wrestler who’s out to prove himself for his first Thunder’s match. Who comes out on top?