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Talon vs Dozer - No Holds Barred 48

$ 34.75

#2 Best Seller in Aug 2015

Dozer walks onto the mat as Talon is doing pushups and starts talking trash.  Dozer challenges Talon to a pose down and the two beginning showing off their amazing physiques.  The two big guys hit all the poses, critiquing and appreciating each other’s muscles. Talon tells Dozer to show the fans a front double bicep and as Dozer happily shows off, Talon sneaks up behind him and traps him in a rib-crushing bearhug.  Dozer evens the score by challenging Talon to a face-to-face most muscular pose down. When Talon goes for it, Dozer moves in and sweeps Talon up in a fireman’s carry and parades around the mat before dropping him to the ground.  Talon regains his footing and lifts Dozer into a fireman’s and drops him to the mat and unleashing a borage of gut punches.  Not content with just punching, Talon starts to stomp Dozer’s abs, but Dozer goes for a dirty shot and Talon is doubled over in pain.  Talon recovers while Dozer flexes and poses for the camera and lifts Dozer off his feet in another bearhug.  The two behemoths continue to trade move for move as Dozer attempts to crush Talon’s ribs with a bearhug.  Talon slips free and traps dozer in a front headlock, leading him around the mat but Dozer isn’t going to give up and he lifts Talon off the mat in a rack.  Dozer dumps his foe  on the mat and schoolboy pins him, flexing and trash-talking Talon.  Talon kicks free and gets Dozer in a Boston Crab, lifting his powerful legs and torturing Dozer’s back.  But not content with just torturing his back, Talon reaches down and squeezes Dozer in a dirty trick.  Dozer’s rage fuels him and he pushes our of the Crab and grabs Talon between his powerful thighs in a body scissors before going for not one, but two dirty tricks of his own.  Both wrestlers take a minute to recover and flex and Talon resorts to his old tricks.  As Dozer flexes, he comes up behind and applies a full nelson to Dozer, who is caught unaware.  Dozer flails and struggles to break free, but Talon’s grip is relentless.  Eventually, Dozer breaks free, reverses the move and traps Talon in a full nelson of his own.  As the two start to drip with sweat, Talon slips free and throws Dozer to mat, stomps him in the abs and then starts choking him.  Dozer pushes back and Talon schoolboy pins to gain leverage, but when that doesn’t work, goes for the dirty trick again. As Dozer rolls around in agony, Talon applies a sleeper.  Will Dozer succumb to Talon or will he return the favor?  Purchase the full match to find out.