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Talon Flaco arm lock biceps pecs

Talon vs Flaco - Mat Wars 68

$ 34.75

This is a match of total domination and humiliation! A big vs little match that Talon has been looking forward to for quite awhile. Flaco comes into the mat completely unprepared for what’s about to transpire. As Talon’s warming up doing his ab exercises, he sees Flaco creeping in and spying on him. This sets Talon off on an unstoppable rampage as he charges in at Flaco. Picking Flaco up, he body slams him into the mat before stomping on him over and over again. Not giving Flaco a second to breathe he lifts him off the mat and throws him against the wall before coming in and slamming him repeatedly, stepping back to watch him collapse down onto the mat.

Talon thrives off hearing the agonized screams of his opponents, and he soon switches gears into painful holds, racking back Flaco’s arms and shoulders, twisting and bending him in all sorts of positions to test his flexibility. Flaco’s screams are just fuel for Talon to continue on his rampage. Talon picks Flaco up over his head and presses him like a barbell, showing off his immense strength and huge muscles. Flaco gets choked, bent, thrown, slammed and even wedgied as Talon steamrolls his way through the little guy. Watch today to see if Flaco can even stand up by the end of the match!