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Talon vs Frey - Bodybuilder Battle 82

$ 31.25

Frey's drowsy and bored, waiting for the rookie Talon to finish his pre-match warm-up in the living room. Both athletes are in colorful trunks, and both are looking great- Frey is really making remarkable "offseason" GAINZ, adding size while keeping his perfect proportions, while the handsome new guy, Talon brings impressive definition and vascularity to the mat. After the prerequisite trash talk, and some flexing/posing comparisons, Frey's had enough- and grabs Talon from behind as he's posing, in a bearhug, lifting Talon off the mat and carrying him around. But Talon flips Frey over his shoulder and goes to work on Frey's shoulder while trying to clamp on a choke hold and forcing Frey to flex for him.


After this display of testosterone-driven rivalry, Frey jumps on top of Talon, and stretches his shoulders back. This leads to a give-and-take tussle, indicating how evenly the two seem to be matched, until they break apart. Once they lock up again, Talon puts Frey in a fireman's carry over his shoulder, then shows off with some deep squats before dumping Frey onto the mat. Talon proceeds to work Frey's legs, and then applies a figure-four on Frey's neck, while keeping his legs locked around Frey's chest.

Frey struggles to his knees, and manages to climb on top of Talon, immediately working to choke him out. In a display of dominance, Frey flexes his huge guns, then uses their power to work Talon's elbow and shoulder. As he struggles, Talon displays his strength and muscularity. But with Frey's legs wrapped around his upper torso, Talon suffers as his shoulder and elbow are painfully attacked.


In a sudden reversal, Talon is on top of Frey, even as Frey keeps his legs wrapped around him. Talon uses this strategy against Frey, slamming him hard to the mat. When Frey rolls over, Talon bear hugs him from behind, forcing Frey onto his back, then retaliating with a fierce attach on Frey's elbow and shoulder. Talon gets a choke hold on Frey, while continuing to torture his arms with a knee in Frey's back. When Frey struggles to rise, Talon rewards his efforts with a choke hold, eventually adding a vice grip on Frey's head and then a vicious hair pull. With Frey overwhelmed and in pain, Talon tries to wear the big man down in an inverted choke hold.

As Frey rises, Talon cranks his neck and stretches his abs, driving Frey back down to the mat, where he endures more shoulder torture. Talon taunts Frey with a humiliating wedgie, then forces Frey's face into the mat. Planting a foot in Frey's back, Talon flexes and poses over the suffering Frey. Then he goes in for a choke hold - is this the beginning of the end for Frey? Talon works both shoulders and Frey's right elbow, sitting on his opponent's back. He reaches back and grabs Frey's ankle and wrist, punishing Frey's midsection, then actually choking Frey with his own big bicep!


But Frey has had enough of this arrogant stud, explodoing out of this torture rack, and hoisting the stunned Talon into a brutal backbreaker...then adding a choke hold, and racking Talon onto his shoulders, he slams Talon down hard onto the mat, driving all the wind out of his opponent and injuring Talon's back. Frey hauls the dazed Talon to his feet, then demonstrates his skill with a devastating back breaker over his knee. With Talon in pain, Frey dumps him to the mat, then drags him to the center of the mat in preparation for his patented pro figure-four leglock. Talon is really suffering, moaning and groaning in pain. Frey goes to work on Talon's left, and finally locates Talon's weak spot: that vulnerable knee!

How will the match play out? Will Talon be able to use his strength and fighting instincts to overcome the skilled pro, Frey? Or will Frey relentlessly demolish Talon's lower body and leave him in a breathless, sobbing heap, begging for mercy?