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Talon vs Jersey - Mat Rats 56

$ 31.25

#3 Best Seller in Aug 2015

Talon is busy pumping up and doing push ups when Jersey comes and tries to add some weight. Talon doesn’t take kindly to begin messed with while he’s working out and throws Jersey down to the floor. Talon wants to keep working out and is in no mood to play with Jersey, so he immediately begins trying to sleeper him out. Jersey isn’t ready to be humiliated quite so quickly and breaks free, but Talon still has the upper hand and switches into a neck hold with his legs. Talon is just lying there flexing and enjoying the quiet when Jersey manages to break out. Jersey was just looking to mess around but now he’s pissed! He takes Talon into a crushing bear hug and the reverses him around into tight full nelson. Talon is in agony but not ready to give up just yet, and starts showing off his biceps to Jersey. Jersey isn’t impressed and these two begin a flex off to see who’s got the bigger arms. Talon takes advantage while Jersey is distracted and throws him around a bit. He finally gets him into a painful boston crab and tries to break Jersey’s lower back. Jersey wasn’t screaming quite loud enough so instead Talon lifts him into a camel clutch, trying to break the other end of his back. Talon finally gets the screams he was waiting for and begins flexing over the exhausted Jersey. Talon feels bad for Jersey, and offers to teach him how to flex and show off his big muscles. Jersey’s pissed off though and instead gets his revenge tormenting Talon. He picks Talon up into an excruciating bearhug, repeatedly pressing lower and lower against his back. Talon is lying on the ground trying to catch his breath when Jersey moves his attack to the legs, he starts showing off his own strength by picking him and slamming him down from the legs. To show off how powerful his own legs are, Jersey then flips Talon around and starts trying to squash Talons head. His quads are bulging and he just keeps squeezing and crushing Talons head. Talon is screaming and gasping for air but Jersey is not letting up, he makes it so tight that Talon’s entire body starts to go purple! Jersey tries to keep him awake so he can torture him more, but his legs are too strong, and Talon passes out! Jersey has had some fun, but he’s not done yet, he goes and grabs some water to dump on Talon’s face and wake him up to keep torturing him. Talon wakes up, but Jersey might soon regret it because Talon is furious about begin knocked out. Talon wants to prove his legs are just as strong and throws Jersey down and tries to pop his head off in a similar fashion. Talon does a much better job at keeping Jersey awake, he’s enjoying watching him suffer. As Jersey’s screaming in pain, Talon moves his legs lower and starts to crush his body instead. Is Jersey going to break free and remain the champion? Or will Talon’s assault prove victorious? Buy the match and find out!