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Talon vs Jet Custom Video Series 102

$ 18.99
$ 25.95

Talon and Jet are both aspiring bodybuilders. Talon's got more Thunder's experience under his belt, but Jet has been killing it in the gym, and is eager to prove himself. They start off both warming up, stretching it out on the mat and introducing themselves. They're of a very similar body size, you can see the worry in Talon's eyes, he's scared of being overthrown and replaced, so he braces himself to go all out, as dirty as possible. Talon charges in, crushing Jet in a bearhug before dropping him to the mat and fish hooking his cheeks. Talon hates hearing the new guy talking down to him, so he makes sure Jet isn't going to be speaking much. Talon's yelling and flexing his massive biceps in Jets face, no way you're gonna be able to beat these guns! Without giving him a chance to recover, Talon starts picking Jet up by the legs and slamming him down hard on the mat. Over and over he slams him, followed by an excruciating boston crab. Jet's screaming in pain, he's not very flexible and Talon is destroying his back. After a bit of this Talon takes pity and switches it up, to start crushing Jet's head in his thighs. Talon flexes his iron thighs into the sides of Jet's face, cutting off all his circulation. Jet starts rolling around and squirming to break free and get some air. Once he's finally broken out of Talon's grasp, he gets the chance to get up and lock in with Talon, catch his breath. How brutal is Jet's come back?