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Talon vs Kai - Mat Rats 57

$ 34.75

Kai is flexing and talking to the camera when Talon starts trash talking him about how unimpressive he is. Kai doesn’t like that and challenges him to come onto the mat and see who’s the better wrestler. Talon comes in charging and picks Kai up while swinging him around laughing at him. Talon thinks Kai is weak and unimpressive, and wants to go around torturing all the parts of his body he thinks are too small and weak. He starts with his arm and hand by holding him down and trying to bend it backwards. Kai is screaming in pain, and Talon loves it. He’s having a blast throwing the smaller Kai all around and just torturing the little guy. Kai starts to trash talk back, but Talon puts a quick end to that with some gut punches. Talon is getting bored and decides he’s going to start putting Kai into the most painful pro and mma moves he can think of. He pulls Kai into a painful boston crab, and when he’s not screaming loud enough switches into a bow and arrow, to pull Kai’s entire body in the opposite direction. Kai is screaming in agony, and Talon continues his torment of the little guy. Kai is fed up being toyed with and starts to get serious and fight back. He breaks free from Talon’s iron grip and puts him into a painful bear hug, followed by a full nelson. Kai thinks he’s got him but Talon flexes his muscles and breaks Kai’s hold. Kai doesn’t give up though and continues his full nelson assault, making each one stronger and stronger until Talon can’t break out. Wanting to hear Talon scream like Kai was earlier, he moves into the bearhug, squeezing and pressing Talon’s lower back until Talon can’t take any more. Kai’s going with his momentum and starts to torture Talon’s arms. Talon is still catching his breath and trying to get up when Kai gets real cocky and begins flexing and trash talking over Talon. Catching Kai off guard, Talon gets him into an agonizing fireman’s carry and starts throwing Kai around again. Talon is embarrassed he let Kai man handle him so much, and is prepared to start torturing Kai al over again! Will Kai catch a second wind and retaliate again against Talon’s non stop assault? Or will he fall victim to Talon’s overwhelming strength and muscles? Buy the match today to find out!