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Talon Rex body scissors pecs chest arms

Talon vs Rex - No Holds Barred 60

$ 31.25

Rex is back! After a long break Rex is back to challenge some new guys at Thunders. This match starts off right away, with Rex already crushing Talon with his massive legs in a body scissors. Talon’s struggling and squirming, and Rex is switching up his positions to crush Talon with all his might. He’s asking Talon if he gives, and Talon keeps on refusing, each time making Rex squeeze down harder and harder. He starts to flip Talon backwards and smack him against the mat, but Talon keeps on struggling and fighting back. Rex lets him go and starts to get up, but Talon is ready to get his payback. He immediately jumps Rex and puts him into a body scissors of his own, where he starts to beat against Rex with his forearms. When Rex isn’t giving, he grabs hold of his arm to work away at his shoulder,he still isn’t giving, so he starts to instead yank at his hair! This pisses Rex off, but he’s still not quite able to break out of Talon’s iron grip. Once Talon finally lets up enough, Rex takes the upper hand, and stands above Talon, crushing his head this time in between his legs. He pounds on Talon a bit before reaching down to pick him up into an upside down bearhug. Talon’s not used to being manhandled quite like this, and you can really see how much he’s hating it. He’s able to reach up to give a quick blow to Rex, making him drop him. He lifts Rex up over his shoulder, and starts slamming into the wall, before spinning him around in circles and launching him down to the mat. Talon mounts Rex while he’s stallion the ground and starts to crush him in a head scissors. He starts flexing and showing off while Rex is trapped down there. Rex is screaming and struggling, but he’s completely stuck, Talon begins pulling at his shoulders again, putting him into as much pain as he can. Rex manages to break out and starts to give back some of the pain he was receiving. He knocks Talon down and mounts on top of him, pulling him back into a boston crab, trying his best break Talon’s lower back. Rex has been away for awhile and has a lot to prove he’s still able to wrestle at Thunders, while Talon’s got his nearly undefeated reputation to uphold. Who will be the last man standing?