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Talon vs Vein - Mat Rats 61

$ 31.25

#2 Best Seller Oct. 2015

Talon and Vein are in the middle of an arm wrestling contest, testing each others strength on the mat. The two are very evenly matched, but after awhile Talon manages to beat out Vein. They go into a some bodybuilder poses, flexing and showing off their muscles. Vein may have tired out quicker but he still thinks he's got the bigger muscles. They're having a pose off and Talon decides he's bored and starts to wrestle against Vein. He's got Vein on the mat in a painful surfboard, stretching his arms as far back as possible, and then some! Vein's struggling to fight against it but Talon's got a strong grip. Once he breaks free, he then takes Talon and puts him into a killer ab stretch, followed by an intense boston crab. He's stretching Talon all sorts of directions to show him he's a lot stronger than him, despite the outcome of the arm wrestling match. Talon retaliates and puts Vein into a bearhug and starts crushing him. He's got Vein in a hold from above and starts lifting him up and done, crushing harder and harder each time. Vein's in real pain when Talon picks him all the way up into a real bearhug. He drops him down to the mat and then mounts Vein, giving him some hard ab punches over and over again. He moves into Vein's throat and starts to choke him out when he decides he's not screaming hard enough. Vein's neck is really thick though and it's hard for Talon to get a good grip, so he flips Vein over and starts to stretch his lower back really hard with a boston crab. These guys are extremely evenly matched and are able to really tear each other apart. Their size and strength is well on par, but who will come out victorious by the end?