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Talon lifts Vinny into a torture rack in Thunders Arena

Talon vs Vinny - Rough & Ready 81

$ 23.49
$ 31.25

They stand face to face on the mats, both in form-fitting trunks (Vinny in white and Talon in yellow).  Looking pretty evenly matched, the trash talk flows freely until Talon snaps and pushes the returning Vinny hard in the chest.  The two men lock up and the match is on!  Vinny catches Talon in a headlock and viciously wrenches it up, paying him back for that shove!  But Talon is not about to be taken out by a headlock and he scoops the unsuspecting Vinny up, lifting him high off the mat.  “I’m just takin’ a ride up here” quips Vinny, before he’s unceremoniously dumped hard on Talon’s knee!  Prone on the floor, Vinny’s abs make an attractive target for Talon’s kicks and stomps before Talon catches his prey in a rear choke hold that’s perilously close to a sleeper!  Desperation showing on his face, Vinny bucks like a wild bronco and breaks free, trapping Talon in the process and giving him some harsh knee lifts to the midsection!  “I’m the big dog” Vinny flexes as Talon collapses to the mat, trying to get his breath back.  A go behind and Vinny rides his man down to the mat, wrenching Talon’s arm back.  Grabbing his other arm, Vinny’s muscular torso looks awesome as he pulls back hard, trying to pop Talon’s shoulders out of their sockets!

Vinny let’s go and gets up.  Not giving Talon a chance to recover, Vinny drags him up and lifts him into a tight, pulsing bearhug!  Talon’s chiropractor had better be on call – he’s gonna need it!  Vinny dumps him on the mat and you can see the pressure marks on Talon’s back – these two really don’t like each other!  Vinny lands a cheap shot to Talon’s crotch as he scissors Talon’s leg!  Pulling back hard, Talon exclaims “F***, my knee!”  “Your knee hurts – I don’t care” is the response – harsh!  Somehow, Talon powers out and reverses, but he doesn’t have the strength to follow through.  Both evenly matched men get up, but Talon is the first to attack, charging into Vinny and lifting him up over his shoulder.  A slam to the mat and Vinny is winded – an easy target for Talon to grab his legs and twist his man over into a Boston Crab!  He could probably get a submission here, but Talon is now in a punishing mood – he lets the Crab go and starts brutally attacking Vinny’s legs.  As Vinny tries to stand up, Talon straddles his back and grabs his face, pulling it back hard by Vinny’s hair!  Talon is all smiles as he adds further insult by hooking Vinny’s mouth!

Something has clicked in Vinny – his face is now a mask of fury and he’s out to destroy!  Wanting no part of a traditional lock up, he goes behind Talon and applies a gut-crushing rear bearhug, before tripping Talon face first to the mat!  Vinny grabs Talon’s legs and pulls back as he grinds his glutes into the lower back of the suffering Talon. Trapping Talon’s legs, Vinny reaches over and catches his victim in a choke, pulling up at the same time!  “What are you gonna do, huh?  No one can beat the beast!”  As if to emphasise for any future opponents who may be watching, Vinny crunches down into a traps-bursting most muscular, showing exactly how beastlike he’s become!  Talon sees an opportunity and appeals to Vinny’s vanity.  “Flex for the camera a bit, go on” Talon uses the time to catch his breath back and blindsides the flexing hunk, lifting him up off the mat before dumping him back down over his head.  Talon pulls the recovering Vinny up into a front chancery, yanking his head up hard!  Vinny is screaming in pain as his head and neck are being wrenched apart!  Talon wraps his arms around the midsection of Vinny, who knows what’s coming and desperately tries to get away!  He fails and finds himself lifted up in Talon’s revenge rear bearhug!  You can see Talon’s big lats flex from the exertion! Full nelsons, knees to the ribs, choke holds, these two hold nothing back!  A rarely seen atomic drop has one stud writhing in agony as his spine is compressed!