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Tank tortures Blayne with a camel clutch

Tank vs Blayne - Bodybuilder Battle 103

$ 25.95
$ 31.25

Blayne has had a rough ride so far at Thunder’s Arena, but he’s been winning fans with his never-say-die attitude!  Today, Mr Mike has matched him up against the mighty Tank!

Blayne, in tiny green trunks, is on the mats with the massive bodybuilder.  Blayne starts posing and flexing, but Tank is far from impressed.  “I’m not even going to respond to that!”  Tank, in yellow trunks, is pure, Grade ‘A’ muscle, who has proved he’s got what it takes to be a superstar!  Blayne is in awe of the muscle god, tentatively reaching out to touch his delts and biceps as if to see whether they’re real or not.  Oh yeah, Blayne – they’re real!  Tank obliges, flexing his quads and biceps.  Blayne responds by crouching down and firing a forearm up between Tank’s legs for a cheap shot low blow!  Enraged, the bodybuilder locks up with Blayne, easily lifting him off the mat and over the shoulder that Blayne was previously admiring!  Tank THROWS the hapless Blayne to the floor, planting his foot on his back, pressing down and keeping Blayne on the mat!  Try as he might, Blayne can’t shift the muscle monster!  Tank admonishes Blayne, belittling him before dragging him up and wrapping his hands around Blayne’s neck in a blatant choke!  Tank#s massive traps bulge and his veins pop as he crushes poor Blayne’s neck!  Tank taunts Blayne, telling him to get up and try something.  Blayne goes low, trying to lift the hulk, but Tank reverses, sending Blayne crashing to the mat!  Tank offers another free shot and Blayne again goes low – this time, in an impressive show of strength, he manages to lift the bodybuilder up over his shoulders!  Blayne slams the behemoth down and goes for a crossface, but switches to a cradle!  Another wrestler might be trapped, but Tank muscles out, quickly spinning round and mounting Blayne’s back for a crossface of his own!  Tank’s massive forearm grinds hard against Blayne’s face!  Tank then twists Blayne into one of the most brutal and vicious Boston Crab you will ever see, sitting his muscled glutes high up on Blayne’s back!

They lock up and Tank executes a perfect Judo hip toss, bringing Blayne to the mat, trapping him in a headlock.  Blayne snakes his legs around Tank’s, flipping them over and slapping a choke on!  Tank flails and struggles to escape the hold, breaking free and spinning away to regroup.  Another lock up and Tank applies a headlock, crushing Blayne’s head between his massive arm and rock-hard pec!  But whilst Tank may have superior strength and power, Blayne has technique and that stubborn streak – he uses the bodybuilder’s size against him, sweeping the leg and bringing him crashing down!  They lock up quickly and Tank catches Blayne in a massive BEARHUG!!  Blayne is in agony as Tank crushes him, but Tank doesn’t want this to end yet – instead he throws Blayne over his shoulder before slamming him down to the mat!  Blayne keeps getting up, slapping arm locks on Tank, but the musclehunk is no slouch in the technique department, reversing out and sending Blayne back down!  Tank decides to up the punishment, landing two massive elbow drops to Blayne’s back!  Blayne crawls to his feet, refusing to give in!  Blayne goes for the legs again, taking Tank to the mats and applying his own bearhug, his hands clasped firmly around Tank’s midsection!  Blayne lifts Tank off the mat!  Tank manages to prise Blayne’s fingers apart, but damage has been done!

Tank unleashes his arsenal on Blayne – chokes, nelsons, pulverising scissors, arm locks, brutal gut punches, kicks, even a flying body press!  Blayne just keeps getting up!  Tank slaps on a headscissor so tight we see the deep cuts in his quads!  Still Blayne doesn’t give in!  Tank masks his increasing frustration with trash talk, but Blayne isn’t intimidated.  An impromptu posing lesson has Tank raining blows to Blayne’s pecs!  Blayne is fading from the unrelenting punishment, but still doesn’t submit!  Tank sleepers Blayne out, only to throw water on him and rouse him again!  Can Tank get the submission he craves?  Will Blayne survive the behemoth’s beatdown?  Get this outstanding match now to find out!