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Tank vs Clark - Mat Rats 92

Tank vs Clark - Mat Rats 92

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This match is 18 minutes long because of a REAL fight, that broke out on the mat.  Clark got slammed really bad against the back of his neck and freak out all over Tank, yelling at him that he almost broke his neck!  Tank blew him off and said, "Stop being such a girl, it couldn't hurt that bad, I didn't do it on purpose your sweaty and slipped!"  and the just made Clark fly off the handle even more and start cussing out Tank.  That pissed off Tank and they went nose to nose for real then Tank stormed off saying, "I quit" and Clark was yelling at him, "You almost broke my neck!"  Both men could not settle down and were not able to finish the filming of this match so it ends awkwardly.

“I’ll show you what a god looks like…”

Clark is back to take on the massive Tank in an outdoor mat match!

Tank is waiting on the mats for today’s opponent, new recruit Clark.  Clark appears and charges straight in, hoping to use the element of surprise on the huge bodybuilder!  But his ploy backfires when Tank outwrestles him, tripping him HARD to the mat!  Tank grinds Clark’s head in a side headlock, his face pressed into Tank’s billowing pecs.  Tank is already enjoying toying with the eager rookie and lets him up.  The ultra-confident Tank decides to give Clark a free shot – Clark takes it, going in for a bearhug and taking Tank down to the mat!  Tank wasn’t expecting that – has he underestimated the raw recruit?  Clark scissors Tank’s arm, but he fails to capitalise and Tank rolls out.  Clark switches to a bodyscissor, immobilising the behemoth – Tank withstands the hold, flexing for the camera!  Tank starts talking trash, which Clark is NOT in the mood for – he tries to shut Tank up, but that just infuriates him and Tank breaks free!  Tank is looking phenomenal in his tiny yellow trunks and starts flexing his god-like physique in the Florida sun.  Clark follows suit, bringing his arms up for a bicep pose.  The pro-bodybuilder offers some posing tips – Clark looks on as Tank goes through a posing routine, his muscle glinting in the sunlight.  Clark starts a routine of his own, but Tank mocks him mercilessly!  There is absolutely NO love lost here – Tank hoists Clark up in a CRUSHING bearhug before literally throwing him down to the mat.  Clark gets straight up, his ego flaring.  The two men lock up, with Tank getting the takedown – he clamps his HUGE quads around the rookie in a crippling bodyscissor!  Clark desperately tries to be anywhere but trapped between those legs, but he can’t escape!  Tank wants to punish the upstart some more – he lifts Clark up and carries him around before dropping him hard over his knee in a backbreaker!  Tank’s body shines with sweat as he beats on the rookie.  Clark’s fury is written all over his face – he manages to trip Tank to the mat and quickly goes for a Boston Crab, pulling back on the bodybuilder’s legs, but Tank refuses to give in!  Clark switches to Tank’s head, pulling him roughly up off the mat but Tank powers out.  Clark is in trouble now!

This match starts out respectfully, but escalates into an all-out brawl – the fight goes all over the mat, with both men REALLY wanting to beat the crap out of each other!  Clark is determined to make a name for himself at Thunder’s Arena, but Tank is one of the toughest wrestlers on the roster - does Clark have what it takes to beat the bodybuilder?  Or will Tank roll over the rookie and add another victim to his list?  As you will see, this one is a long, long way from over!