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Tank Kid Titan bearhug

Tank vs Kid Titan - Bodybuilder Battle 102

$ 22.22
$ 25.00

It's the 5'9" 200lbs Kid Titan vs the 5'6" 210lbs Tank. What Tank gives up in height, he MORE THAN makes up in muscle!
Kid Titan walks in wearing shorts and a t-shirt. Tank is wearing his multi-color wrestling trunks. "What the hell are you wearing? You walk around like this? asks Kid Titan. "Yeah I do cuz I'm a fucking beast!" Kid Titan asks, "What's your name? Tank?" The muscle giant flexes his BOULDER biceps, "You don't really need to know it. What's important is size, power, strength! I'm a Tank. I'm a monster!" Kid Titan begins flexing. "Look at that little guy!" Tank mocks pointing at his small bicep. Kid Titan takes off his shirt, and this battle is on!
They tie up. Tank gets a takedown and rips off Kid Titan's shorts. "I came here to wrestle!" Tank applies a NECK-BREAKING full nelson. "What are you gonna do? Try something!" orders Tank. Surprisingly, Kid Titan flexes out of the full nelson. "Little bit of power!" says Tank. 
Kid Titan picks up the muscle beast on one shoulder then SLAMS him to the mat. "Now you PISSED me off!" yells Tank. They lock up in a game of mercy; both are evenly matched. "Do something!" commands Tank. Kid Titan charges in and is pushed down. Tank locks in a MASSIVE camel clutch. "How's it feel with a tank on top of you?" Kid Titan moans in pain!
Kid Titan flexes and is picked up in a FIREMAN'S CARRY, shaken up and down. "How's that feel? Say hello to the mat!" Tank throws him down. The mighty Tank wants to DESTROY Kid Titan! A full nelson, body scissor, bearhug, chicken wing, gut punch, and elbow drop. "Like that power?" Tank is UNSTOPPABLE!
Kid Titan recovers and LOW BLOWS Tank. He delivers a DDT to the muscle giant! Tank recovers, picks up Kid Titan on his shoulder, and throws him down. "I'm getting tired of you!" The muscle beast ELBOW DROPS Kid Titan's back and WRENCHES his arm behind his back. "Done yet?" A sleeper, full nelson, body scissors, Tank CHOKES Kid Titan with his own arm and flexes. "Don't even need both hands. That's how weak you are, pathetic!" 
Tanks flexes his BOULDER biceps. "Is that all you got?" Kid Titan picks up Tank on his shoulder and SLAMS him to the mat. He tries for a full nelson, but the beast escapes. Both roll around on the mat and are out of breath! "Come to daddy!" yells Tank. The muscle giant BEARHUGS Kid Titan and SLAMS him down. Tank delivers an even bigger RIB-CRUSHING bearhug and carries his victim on one shoulder. "What do you weigh like eight pounds?" mocks Tank. 
Tank DIGS his knee in Kid Titan's back and YANKS on his arms. Kid Titan SCREAMS in pain and is lifted in a rear bearhug. Surprisingly, Kid Titan BEARHUGS the muscle beast back and carries him around on one shoulder, SHAKING him up and down. "Let's have some fun!" He drops Tank into his own RIB-CRUSHING bearhug SQUEEZING tighter and tighter!
Tank recovers, gets a takedown, and puts Kid Titan in a TIGHT headlock then bow and arrow! "That's all you got?" asks Kid Titan. The underdog locks the giant in a MASSIVE full nelson shaking him up and down. Kid Titan then delivers a sit down Boston crab and ankle lock!