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Mack puts Tank into a body scissors on thunders arena

Tank vs Mack - Ring Wars 57

$ 25.95

Mack Truck vs Armoured Tank! Sweatfest!

The massively muscled Tank is taking on the powerful Mack in a ring match that will leave you breathless!  Dispensing with pleasantries, the two behemoths get straight to the action.  Tank looks bigger than ever in tight purple trunks, with Mack in red.  Tank shows off his incredible biceps, but Mack is far from impressed, using the distraction to lunge in and scoop the shorter Tank up into a bearhug.  Mack lifts Tank off the mat with ease, surprising the bodybuilder!  Tank can do nothing but hang there as Mack manhandles him.  The two break and prepare to go again – this time Tank uses the height difference to his advantage, going low to take out Mack’s legs!  Mack finds himself on his back, but Tank’s momentum carries him on right into Mack’s waiting thighs!  They might not be as freakishly massive and ripped as Tank’s, but they can still crush a guy into submission!  Tank musters up the bravado, even as Mack ratchets up the pain with an arm lock – this isn’t his first rodeo!

Mack knows he’s not going to get a submission yet, so he lets Tank go – but Tank is getting an idea of what he’s up against!  Tank decides to charge in, hoping to surprise Mack but it’s all for nought as Mack catches the charging musclehunk in a TIGHT headlock!  Tank sinks to his knees as Mack’s forearm compresses his throat!  Tank tries to get free, but Mack keeps the hold on, sapping the energy out of the bodybuilder.  Mack suddenly whirls around, clamping on another bodyscissor followed by a textbook Full Nelson!  Tank uses all his muscle and power to flex out.  Mack tries to go back to the Nelson, but Tank is ready for him and slaps on a Full Nelson of his own!  All of Tank’s upper body strength comes to bear on Mack’s neck, driving the big man to the canvas.  Bodies start to glisten as both men work hard to get the advantage!  A bodyscissor from Tank has Mack in pain, desperately trying to pry those deadly quads apart!  Every muscle on Tank’s body bulges as he CRUSHES the breath out of Mack!  Tank tries to add another Full Nelson, but Mack uses the momentary drop in pressure to escape.

Tank shows off his strength, lifting and dumping Mack to the canvas but it’s going to take more than that to keep him down!  Tank charges in for a bearhug, lifting Mack up and hoisting him over his shoulder.  Tank is getting confident, challenging Mack to “do something”.  Be careful what you wish for – Tank suddenly finds himself dangling high off the mat over Mack’s shoulder!  Mack does some squats, using the bodybuilder as a barbell!  Mack drops Tank to the canvas, cinching in a tight Choke hold.  Tank desperately hunts for a way out, but Mack again unleashes his legs with another bodyscissor!

After a pose off, the sweaty action continues with more scissor holds, arm locks, slams, stomps, a splash, and much, much more.  “Are you finished?” asks Tank?  Mack isn’t even close to being finished as Tank soon finds out!  And there’s so much sweat, it looks like both musclehunks have been oiled up!  This one will keep you guessing right down to the wire – will Tank’s muscle be too much for Mack to handle?  Or will the Truck best the Tank?  Find out for yourself!