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Tanner vs Eagle Villa - Vegas Battles 143

$ 31.25

Eagle RIPS Tanner's pants off and throws him to mat! It is time for Tanner to pay for disrespecting Eagle! Tanner does not care in the least bit and keeps disrespecting his opponent. Both muscle studs tie up shoving faces between legs and showing even more disrespect to each other with dirty moves! Eagle takes it further using a ball and chain move to yank on Tanner's balls! He moans in agony over and over. Eagle then rolls Tanner into a banana split/ball claw! Tanner continues fighting dirty and rakes Eagle's eyes! He shoves his face in his arm pit making Eagle smell his sweaty body! Eagle will not be disrespected by a rookie. He shoves Tanner's head between his sculpted quads and squeezes! He keeps the squeeze on Tanner with a chest to chest bearhug until Tanner is about to pass out from pain! IS EAGLE STRONG ENOUGH TO MAKE TANNER PASS OUT? 

Eagle picks Tanner off the mat by his hair and locks in a brutal full nelson. Tanner breaks out taking Eagle backwards onto the mat. He jumps into a schoolboy pin and claws at Eagle's pecs! Eagle grabs Tanner by the throat slowly standing and lifting him in a massive CHOKE LIFT! Tanner calms Eagle down by massaging his body. Eagle doesn't accept Tanner's half assed apology and cranks his arm behind him nearly snapping his elbow! A battle of around the world and ball claws has both men in excruciating pain! Tanner lands THE MOST VICIOUS LOW BLOW THUNDERS HAS EVER FILMED! Will this be the end for Eagle? Or will he get the respect he wanted?

Part 2 of this match is exclusively in the Video Vault!