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Texas vs Scrappy - Mat Wars 123

$ 22.99
$ 31.25

Everything's "bigger" in Texas; this hard-hitting, submission machine is about to bring a WORLD OF HURT to whoever stands in his way! "Who do you think you are? New guy wearing my favorite trunks, why don't you just back up, get off my mat!" Scrappy chest bumps the rookie again and again until Texas reaches his breaking point! A shoving match leads to both gladiators locking up with the rookie manhandling the vet in a series of quick takedowns. Scrappy can barely get to his feet before the muscle beast picks him up in a massive fireman's carry and SLAMS him to the mat, "I thought you were the big man on campus? You seem like a little b****!" The vet clutches his aching back struggling to stand, "Do you know who you're talking to?" Scrappy is not about to be disrespected and barrels in lifting the newbie in a BACK-BREAKING belly to belly bearhug, "Want me to go tighter? You don't break easy, do you?" The vet shakes his victim up and down as the newb groans in pain; his hulking frame struggles in the embrace! Out of nowhere, Texas wraps his powerful python around Scrappy mid-air in a GUILLOTINE CHOKE and drags him down flipping him onto his back for a controversial pin. "Three count, what did I tell you, little pink shorts!" mocks Texas. "You didn't pin me!" The muscle beast is in charge now and UNLEASHES his power on the vet: a fireman's takedown, brutal bearhug, back to back insanely tight cradles! Scrappy is completely gassed struggling to breathe as he's pinned again and again. "You seem tired for a guy who talks a lot!" taunts Texas. Scrappy recovers and wrangles the muscle bull into a NECK-BREAKING full nelson taking him down to his knees, "You ain't getting out of that!" The rookie's face turns red as the pressure builds on his neck, and he's slammed face first to the mat. "Let's see if you can take some of Scrappy's moves!" A brutal Boston crab and crippling camel clutch have Texas laid out under the vet's complete control. The camera zooms in as his muscles strain under the intensity. "It might be easier if you just give!" Amazingly, Texas is able to roll back breaking the hold and delivers his own modified sit-down Boston crab, "I'm gonna break your legs!" Scrappy is in agony clawing at the mat to escape. The pain is UNBEARABLE, and he is forced to tap! The vet rolls on the mat clutching his aching quads, but the muscle beast isn't done: a full nelson, camel clutch, cradles, pec claws, gut punches, kicks to the ribs, a vicious hammerlock! Scrappy gasps for air as Texas wraps him in a tight chokehold then transitions to a CRUSHING head scissors! "Disrespect the new guy, screw that! I'll pull the hair from your head!" The vet is in agony as his torture continues: hair pulling, kidney punch, a brutal banana split, "I give, no more!" His cries for mercy fall on deaf ears. "Come on little guy. I told you, you weren't nothing!" scoffs Texas. "You call me little, I'm gonna bring you down!" Scrappy jumps on the muscle beast in a STANDING CRUCIFIX; his legs begin to shake as he crumbles to the mat and is rolled over for a pin! The big man may be down but not out. A grueling fight to the finish has one wrestler trying to tap out, but the torture is about to get much, much worse!