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Texas vs Zman - Mat Wars 122

$ 23.49
$ 31.25

"Where'd you come from huh?" yells Zman sizing up the fresh meat. "It doesn't matter where I came from!" Small talk is over as the titans lock up. Texas wrangles the vet down to the mat and delivers a brutal crossbody armbar, "I'm gonna break it if you don't tap!" Zman groans in pain struggling with the intense pressure, "My arm, let me go!" The rookie releases his hold and picks up his victim in a massive shoulder carry SLAMMING him to the mat! Zman barely catches his breath before he's rolled into a crippling camel clutch. "Tap!" His back is stretched to its limits, but he refuses to submit and is dropped face first to the mat! "I thought you were the guy they all talked about?" scoffs Texas. Zman struggles to his feet with a promise, "You're going down!" The muscle beast barrels in lifting the vet in a RIB-CRUSHING bearhug then takes him down to the mat. Zman frantically escapes, rolling the big boy over in a scissor/sleeper combo, "How you like that? Tap!" "Never!" Texas breaks away and wraps his powerful pythons around Zman in a lifted full nelson then goes for pin with a tight cradle! "One, Two, Thr..!" The seasoned vet ain't going down that easy and fights back. A belly to back bearhug, full nelson, and tight headlock lead to Zman FLIPPING Texas down to the mat, "Look whose on his back now!" The muscle beast groans in pain but is able to roll out mounting Zman's chiseled back with a brutal HAMMERLOCK, "I'll break it, tap!" The vet is in agony unable to withstand the excruciating pain and taps out! With his victim weakened, Texas delivers a grueling ab stretch sending Zman crashing to the mat. The wily vet may be down but not out and topples the beast with a CRIPPLER CROSSFACE! "Tap out!" Texas screams in agony unable to move and submits crumbling to the mat. The score may be even, but things are about to get much, much worse! Big Texas sees red and sets in motion a torturous plan to rip Zman apart: gut punches, over the knee backbreaker, a bulldog! The vet nearly passes out from the pain and is lifted in a grueling SURFBOARD! "Not so tough now, huh?" taunts the beast. Zman's back is ready to break at any moment as he screams in pain, "I give!" A two minute BEARHUG BATTLE has both muscle titans struggling trying to break each other's ribs! The fight doesn't end there: an ab stretch, full nelsons, double pec claws, camel clutch, over the back backbreaker! A wrestler pleads for the torture to stop, but the devious winner has other plans, "You've already tapped 7 times; let's go for an even 10!"