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The Boss vs Lance Romance with Angel and Big Sexy - 2011 Auditions Video Series Part 3

$ 23.49
$ 31.25

Introducing The Boss he is our newest bodybuilder to audition and at 6'1 and 240 lbs he seems to be up to the challenges of Thunder's Arena. Well he comes over to audition and try out with Lance Romance who looks like a Greek statue come to life he's so cut up. They are going through the initial interview with Big Sexy and Angel when asked to wrestle each other. They take the mat and the Boss takes control. He puts Lance in various power moves like full nelson, airplane spin, powerful bearhugs, and lifts but he takes the time to flex for the camera as well. After awhile Angel adds some pointers but Boss doesn't want to hear it so he calls out Big Sexy to see if he can do better. Big Sexy then starts wrestling with Lance and shows him what real stars of the show do to new guys. It's like a frat house initiation, with all kinds of power slams, full nelsons, ab stretches, and Lance doesn't know what hit him. Boss stands back waiting his turn but gets so mad watching Big Sexy manhandle Lance that he just can't take it any more. He jumps in and starts to destroy and dominate Big Sexy. Overhead lifts, bearhugs, slams, anything he can do to shut up and hurt the smart ass Big Sexy and put him down physically and hurt him. He even smack talks Big Sexy as he has him trapped in a school boy pin! The ending is one you don't want to miss though, it has a real twist at the end as these two men tryout for Thunder's Arena. Will they get the job? Will Angel and Big Sexy vote them on to the show? or will they have to go for more interviews? Download the match or buy the DVD and find out.