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The Mountain vs Blayne - Battlespace 96

$ 34.75

Wow.  Just wow.  Introducing the latest addition to Thunder’s Arena – The Mountain!  Never has a name been more appropriate – the Mountain is huge.  Game of Thrones huge.  At 6’3” and 320lbs of power and muscle, the Mountain is obviously a force to be reckoned with!  A cameo appearance from Joey Angel announces the match – Joey looks pityingly at Mountain’s opponent – fan favourite Blayne!  Blayne has been working hard at the gym, and it shows, but he looks tiny compared to the behemoth!  Joey finishes the introductions and the match begins – that is, after Mountain shoves Blayne aside and bounces his pecs for the camera!  Mountain turns to face Blayne, and we get our first glimpse of his MASSIVE back!  Holy s**t!  You could broadcast 4K on that!

Blayne charges in, hoping to get an early advantage, but Mountain stops him in his tracks.  A suddenly fearful Blayne is helpless as Mountain flexes his arms, then scoops Blayne up into his arms for some bicep curls!  Mountain is throwing Blayne around like he’s nothing!  Mountain decides to give Blayne a free shot – Blayne fires his hardest blow into the Mountain’s rock-hard gut, but it glances off!  Blayne tries again, but he comes off the worse for wear!  A third and this time Mountain grabs Blayne’s head, smothering him against his massive pecs before wrapping his arms around the superstar’s head!  Mountain throws Blayne to the mat, following him down and planting his weight on Blayne’s body.  “You’re so heavy!” gasps Blayne as the Mountain presses down HARD on Blayne’s chest!  “I’m not that heavy – only 318.” Blayne is incredulous – “Only?!”  Mountain moves up Blayne’s body, straddling his head and framing his face between his humongous thighs!  The Mountain proceeds to literally wipe the mat with Blayne, dragging him and throwing him around like he’s confetti!  Mountain turns to the camera and asks ‘What’s that little boy gonna do?” Fighting words for a rookie!  Blayne suddenly jumps up on Mountain back, wrapping his arms around the giant’s neck, going for a sleeper!  When Mountain pulls his arms apart, Blayne responds by climbing higher, sitting on Mountain’s shoulders and slapping on a headscissors whilst Mountain is still standing up!  Mountain topples to the mat, giving Blayne a chance for a pin – but the Mountain is too strong, literally launching Blayne off him!  Blayne goes for a leglock, but Mountain grabs him, pulling him down to the mat and mounting Blayne’s back for a choke!  “You like the weight of a real man on top of you?”  Blayne is seriously suffering!  Mountain drags Blayne up into an excruciating Full Nelson, forcing the fan favourite to go for a low blow!  The shot connects, but Mountain grabs Blayne’s arm, forcing him back down to his knees before kicking him and planting his foot on Blayne’s throat!  This is intense!  “The outcome here is inevitable,” states Mountain. “But I’m gonna play with you.”

Suddenly Blayne jumps up and executes a STANDING DROPKICK, felling the behemoth!  Blayne follows up with a chin lock, pulling the Mountain’s head back, but he’s just too big!  Blayne gets thrown around and manhandled more than ever before!  The Mountain LOVES to use his weight and size to crush his opponents, something that Blayne finds out over and over again!  Cheap shots, splashes, scissors, chokes, stomps and so much more!  A Boston Crab from Blayne makes the Mountain mad!

Can Blayne capitalise and topple the Goliath?  Or will Mountain make good on his earlier promise and obliterate his foe?  An incredible debut from the Mountain and a warning to the rest of the Locker Room!  You definitely don’t want to miss this one!