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The Mountain vs Blayne part 2 - Bodybuilder Battles 127

$ 25.95

"I just wanna kick people in the head!" An ANGRY Mountain finds Blayne in the kitchen, throws a drink in his face, and wraps his 23 inch python around his throat, "Mike said I have to learn some groundwork!" Blayne is terrified, "Am I teaching you?" Mountain smacks him in the face, "Yeah, you're gonna be my b****, and we're gonna roll around!" They head to the mat where the behemoth forces the vet to dry off his beefy frame then THROWS him down, "He's on the ground. Do I just kick him in the head? Is that groundwork?" asks Mountain delivering a brutal knee to the face nearly knocking Blayne out! "No, hop on down; we're gonna make music down here!" instructs the vet. Blayne starts in the referee's position showing the giant a takedown, "So you're gonna break me down, apply pressure, put your whole body weight on top of me!" Mountain obeys and falls forward SMOTHERING Blayne into the mat as he gasps for air, "Now I know why they call you the Mountain!" "What's next?" The teacher tries to show his student a leg move, but the behemoth has a better idea CRUSHING the vet's ribs with his quads of steel as he groans in pain, "You gotta be careful with those tree trunks!" The muscle giant drops down and rolls the vet over in a GROIN-BREAKING banana split; Blayne is in agony barely able to move after. "What else do I do when I'm down here, just chill?" With the behemoth on his back, the vet mounts his gorilla size chest but is TOSSED across the mat. Mountain gets in the referee's position where Blayne struggles for a takedown finally rolling the 320 pounder down. His success doesn't last long as Mountain lays on top of him squashing him like a bug. "It's called Weight Watchers! You're gargantuan!" The vet barely catches his breath before the behemoth wraps him up in a RIB-CRACKING body scissors opening and closing his legs like a bear trap then wraps his leg around Blayne's head nearly choking him out with his calf! Mountain drops to his knees to see if his teacher can move him out of the circle. The lightweight tries again and again finally rolling the behemoth over but is CRUSHED under his weight instead! "Scrape me off the mat. I don't get paid enough to keep doing this match!" gasps the vet lying motionless. "Who says you're getting paid?" taunts the giant as he bearhugs Blayne to the mat, rolls him over in a scissor/sleeper combo then into a pin! Mountain seems to be learning but wants more CLUBBING the vet with his meaty forearm, "Come on teach!" The groundwork continues with a ball & chain then cradle move, but each time Blayne is the one suffering more and more! Mountain breaks away from his lesson and UNLEASHES on the vet: chokelift, gut punches, forearm blow, a dragon sleeper! The beast releases his hold before Blayne passes out, so he can inflict more torture. "You got fed up with the ground fast!" moans the vet. "No, I'm just enjoying it; maybe let you get one in!" Mountain drops to his knees in the referee's position as Blayne gets excited, "That's gonna build my confidence in Thunders. The most popular guy wrestling the fattest guy. I like it!" The vet tries to take the big man down, but his hulking frame doesn't budge. Blayne tries a brutal dirty trick, but the giant feels nothing. "I gave you the option; now you have to go and be insulting! You know what that means!" Mountain smothers his teacher into the mat then transitions to takedown after takedown delivering a vicious scissor/sleeper combo and tight banana split! Blayne stumbles to his feet and changes strategy, "I'm done with the ground if you are. I'm gonna teach you how to bearhug!" The vet charges in squeezing the behemoth as hard as he can. "This is a bearhug? Can you actually reach?" Blayne is totally gassed as Mountain takes over SQUEEZING him back, "I can't breathe. Get these size T titties off of me!" The behemoth is merciless and transitions to a rear bearhug tossing his victim down and bearhugs him again on his knees! "Come on, show me your best bearhug!" taunts Mountain as Blayne squeezes harder to the point of pure exhaustion. "That's embarrassing!" The groundwork lesson has gone out the window. Mountain is in charge, and all HELL BREAKS LOOSE: a vicious headbutt, skull-crushing standing head scissors with his calves, chokelifts, upside down belly to back bearhug! Blayne struggles to stay conscious asking, "Why?" as Mountain grins with pleasure, "Because I can. I enjoy it too much!" The vet is KNOCKED OUT cold under the behemoth's power. You think it's over, but it only gets worse!