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The Mountain vs Cason, Kasee and Cap- Bodybuilder Battles 131

$ 23.49
$ 31.25


Cason vs Mountain. "We got the Brit or is it British? Where's it at?" asks the American. "Mike, are you serious? It's pretty, but can it even talk in a full sentence?" mocks the behemoth. Cason learns Mountain is from London, England as an argument breaks out over whose country is better! A shoving match leads to the behemoth taking the vet down. "You're heavy!" groans Cason. "I'm not even putting my weight on you yet. You want 300lbs on you?" The giant BODYSPLASHES the American as he gasps for air struggling to his feet. Both gladiators flex their bulging biceps when a surprise LOW BLOW sends Mountain crashing to the mat. "You're a mass with a gravitational pull. You're a planet!" mocks Cason. The giant is pissed and UNLEASHES his power: brutal bearhug, body scissors, even crushing his skull between his sequoia size quads! With his victim immobile, Mountain climbs on top of him crushing his abs. "It's like you ate your whole country; they're all inside your bicep and belly!" moans Cason. "I hate arrogant Americans!" The behemoth wraps his meathook hands around the vet's throat delivering multiple CHOKELIFTS, but he doesn't quit. Cason struggles to stand and gut punches the giant, "That is so soft! See that six pack? That's America right there!" flexes the vet. "You're gonna learn your lesson!" Mountain's brutal beating continues: a massive shoulder carry, grueling banana split, and vicious gut punches! The vet is in agony as a voice behind the camera cheers him on, "Come on Cason, beat that big fat beefcake up, let's go!" Much MORE Action to describe with a surprise ending will leave you in shock!