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The Mountain CJS Leg Lock

The Mountain vs CJS - No Holds Barred 89

$ 25.95
$ 31.59

Since debuting at Thunder’s Arena, The Mountain has flattened, pummelled and dominated anyone who dared to step on the mats with him!  Now, he faces his biggest challenge to date in CJS – and it’s No Holds Barred!

Both men are on the mats, comparing muscle and feeling each other out – so much muscle on display!  Flexing, posing and admiring in tantalising close-up – CJS is more ripped, but the Mountain has the size!  But whenever two massive musclestuds meet, ego isn’t far behind – CJS flexes and bounces his pecs when the Mountain suddenly traps him in a bearhug!  And just like that, the match is on!  CJS is used to being the biggest guy on the mats, but this time he may have met his match!  Mountain shoves CJS against the wall, crushing him into the unforgiving surface.  The Mountain hoists CJS up over his shoulders, showing off his strength and power!  A Standing Headscissor from Mountain has CJS in trouble!  The Mountain throws him down, mounting him and CRUSHING him into the mat!  Mountain’s massive arms wrap around CJS’ neck for a choke!  But the Mountain lets him go too early, giving CJS a chance to launch onto Mountain’s back for a sleeper hold!  The mountain resists, even doing push-ups with CJS still on his back, but eventually he buckles as CJS keeps the pressure up!  Sweat is dripping off the Mountain – is he fading?  The Mountain looks up and his face is a picture of pure rage – he summons all his strength and launches up and back, throwing the veteran bodybuilder clean off him!

Back to their feet, Mountain slaps a bearhug on CJS, before lifting him off the mat and turning him upside down!  “I can’t believe I’m being manhandled!” Mountain goes back to the mat, squashing CJS’ face with his pecs!  Suddenly, CJS lashes out and traps Mountain in a TIGHT headscissor!  The Mountain’s face is framed by CJS’s massive quads, but he refuses to submit!  CJS releases the hold, switching instead to a figure-four scissor – but the Mountain escapes, folding CJS up in a cradle!  Another DEVASTATING headscissor from the Mountain!  CJS just keeps coming back for more – he absolutely does not want to give in to the British Behemoth!  A low blow from CJS brings the Mountain to his knees!  CJS clamps on an air-tight sleeper hold!  Will it be enough to bring the Mountain down?  Can CJS succeed where others have failed?  Or will the Mountain’s reign of dominance and destruction continue?  Get this match and find out!