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The Mountain vs Duke - Battlespace 98

The Mountain vs Duke - Battlespace 98

$ 27.95
$ 34.75

“You’re gonna p*** me off and then I’m going to show you what happens…”

Although still a relative newcomer to Thunder’s Arena, the Mountain has quickly established himself as one of the most dominant forces ever to step onto our mats!  He has demolished and despatched every opponent Mr Mike has thrown at him!  Today he’s matched up against the young bodybuilder, Duke – will the muscle hunk have what it takes to bring the Mountain down and end his streak?

Both men are on the mats, Mountain in a red singlet with Duke in yellow.  The Mountain starts showing off for the camera, but Duke is no slouch in the muscle department!  The two compare muscles, holding an impromptu posedown – Mountain loves to flex and show off his size, but Duke is RIPPED!   Suddenly, Mountain switches from flexing to wrestling, shoving Duke off balance.  The Mountain intimidates Duke, locking up with him and catching him in a front facelock.  Mountain oozes confidence as he offers Duke a free shot at a Full Nelson – Duke takes the chance, but it’s to no avail!  The Mountain is just too big!  Suddenly, Duke goes low and takes out the Mountain’s legs!  He mounts the Mountain’s back, sinking in a choke – but the Mountain just gets to his feet and flips Duke over his shoulder to the mat!  Mountain charges at Duke, but the bodybuilder gets out of the way in the nick of time – Mountain crashes to the mat, with Duke on top of him in a flexing Schoolboy Pin!  Duke’s muscles bulge out of his singlet as he uses all of his power and effort to keep the Mountain pinned down!  Duke grabs Mountain’s arm, threatening to break it – the Mountain just laughs!  When Duke pulls back on the arm, Mountain’s demeanour changes – suddenly he’s all business and Duke is in trouble!

The Mountain throws Duke off him, pinning him down face-first on the mat with all of his weight crushing the bodybuilder into the floor.  As if that wasn’t enough, Mountain reaches under Duke’s chin, yanking him up into a chinlock!  Mountain decides to humiliate Duke further, pulling his singlet straps down.  But Duke escapes and manages to clamp on a Standing Headscissors!  Any other man would be crushed in Duke’s powerful thighs, but Mountain takes the pressure!  He stands up, dislodging Duke and sending him back to the mat!

With both men stripped of their singlets, down to trunks, the battle continues – Duke slaps a rear bearhug on the Mountain, but the behemoth doesn’t quit.  Every muscle in Duke’s body bulges and tenses as he tries to take the Mountain down!  The Mountain manhandles the musclestud all over the mat, but he still doesn’t give!  You can almost hear Duke’s ribs splintering as the Mountain PULVERISES him in front and rear bearhugs before throwing him to the mat!  Can Duke come back and pull out a victory over the behemoth?  Or will the Mountain once again prove his ultimate dominance and add another win to his record?