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The Mountain Frey Chinlock Camel Clutch

The Mountain vs Frey - No Holds Barred 90

$ 23.49
$ 31.25

“So I walked in today and was told I’m gonna be wrestling this ski-nn-y guy…” “You got told wrong.”

So begins Frey’s latest match at Thunder’s Arena, taking on The Mountain!  The massive Mountain has made a HUGE impression, steamrollering over any and every opponent he’s faced!  But Frey is way more experienced on the mats than Mountain – will power and size triumph?  Or will speed, skill and experience prove the victor?

The Mountain flexes and poses as Frey looks on, his face a mixture of awe and terror!  Frey freaks out, calling for Mr Mike – but Mountain just picks him up and throws him away like a candy bar wrapper!  Mountain resumes posing with his back to Frey – the Beautiful One grabs his chance, launching himself onto the Mountain’s back, his forearm pressed against Mountain’s neck for a choke!  Well, an attempt at a choke – “That’s just annoying” says Mountain as he hurls Frey forwards, over his shoulder and crashing to the mat!  The Mountain pulls Frey’s head between his MASSIVE legs for a standing headscissor, with a double bicep pose thrown in for good measure!  Suddenly, Frey finds himself upside down being crushed in Mountain’s bearhug and shaken from side to side!  Frey must be wondering what he did to upset Mr Mike!  The Mountain literally drags Frey around the mat before putting him on his back and mounting him – The Mountain starts doing PUSH-UPS over Frey, his gigantic torso crushing the helpless superstar into the mat with every rep!  Frey is utterly defenceless as Mountain rolls him over and pulls his head up in a chinlock!

Frey realises he needs to change his game plan – he’s not used to being the smallest guy on the mat!  He starts to dart in and out of the Mountain’s range, but falls short and finds himself caught in a front facelock.  The Mountain simply collapses, letting his size avalanche down on Frey, crushing him to the mat.  A standing headscissor from Frey backfires as he suddenly finds himself suspended high up in the air, being manhandled into a devastating front bearhug!  Frey resorts to a dirty Eye Gouge, finally getting an opening!  He wraps his powerful legs around Mountain for a bodyscissor – Frey’s legs have crushed many opponents, but the Mountain is not like any other wrestler Frey has faced!  The Mountain weathers the pain, grabbing Frey’s leg and cranking on a lock – Frey screams in agony and frantically slaps the mat!

But this is only the beginning.  Scissors, chokes, slams and stomps.  Another dirty eye gouge from Frey turns the tables – now the Mountain is in trouble as Frey unleashes his arsenal on the behemoth!  But the Mountain won’t take anything lying down - he has an arsenal all his own and he’s not afraid to use it!  Power and size vs skill and experience.  Which wins out?  Add this match to your collection to find out!  Can Frey conquer the Mountain?  One thing’s for sure, this is one of our most physical and high-impact matches – and one that neither Frey nor will you will soon forget!