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The Mountain vs Gohan - Bodybuilder Battle 191

$ 32.95


The Mountain is 100 lbs. more than Gohan!

The Mountain 350 lbs. vs Gohan 155 lbs.

The Mountain asks for some new toys to play with on the mat and Gohan immediately begins getting manhandled. The Mountain throws Gohan to the mat squashing him down with all 350 lbs of muscle! Gohan gets off the mat and jumps on The Mountain's back. The Mountain flexes before SLAMMING Gohan to the mat! Gohan's admiration turns The Mountain on and both men compare muscles.

Gohan uses a dirty move to distract the Mountain and jumps on his back! He strips off The Mountain's singlet and hits him with a brutal low blow! The Mountain explodes in anger! He pins Gohan to the mat with a no holds barred schoolboy pin. The Mountain flexes for the camera showing off his massive and now sweaty muscles. Gohan screams in pain as The Mountain brutalizes his body! Caught in an agonizing CHOKE LIFT, Gohan fights not to pass out as the Mountain squeezes his throat! Does Gohan have any fight left?

The match continues as The Mountain slowly and painfully dominates Gohan. The Mountain uses:

  • Choke Lifts!
  • Gorilla Presses!
  • Sleeper Holds!
  • Full Nelsons!
  • ...and Even More Powerhouse Moves!
Will Gohan be able to walk away after this match? Download today and watch the destruction!