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The Mountain vs Iceman18 - Bodybuilder Battles 122

$ 31.25

"So Mike, you've found someone that isn't 90lbs. The problem we have is it's still a pretty girl!" mocks Mountain. "Wow, you hired British MTV2 over here to talk crap; is that what we do?" laughs Iceman18 imitating the muscle giant's accent sending him into a rage! Mountain wraps his 24 inch pythons around the vet in a tight full nelson forcing him to the ground into a SKULL-CRUSHING standing head scissors! "Ok fish & chips, I get it!" groans the vet struggling to breathe, but the dominant Mountain won't let up taking his scissors down to the mat. The behemoth flexes his beefy chest and biceps as Iceman18 fights to stay conscious; his face turns red under the intense pressure. "Would you like to get up?" Mountain rolls the American over SITTING on his head before letting him go! Both titans get back to their feet for a flex off. A close up camera angle lets you experience what it's like to stand toe to toe with all their muscle glory! "You look a bit flat; those pecs are empty. Real legs look like that, and a real chest is a shelf!" Mountain flexes his thick sequoia size quads and gorilla size chest. "I love your hair. Where'd you get your products at?" mocks Iceman18 patting the giant's head like a dog. A one arm mercy challenge has Mountain's meathook side hand nearly breaking the American's fingers as he groans in pain. "I'm gonna snap your arm off! Get on your knees and stay there!" The behemoth flexes when a vicious LOW BLOW sends him crashing to the mat. "Just trying to balance the scales little bit!" Mountain struggles to his knees retaliating with a grueling banana split then lays on top of Iceman18 crushing him. "You need to go on a diet!" groans the vet struggling for air. "Then I wouldn't be able to do this!" Mountain lifts his 300lbs frame SLAMMING it up and down on the vet's back driving him deeper and deeper into the mat! The sound of his beefy muscle clapping against Iceman18's chiseled back sends shock waves through the arena. Mountain rolls to his back with the vet on top of him pinning his arms and legs back. "This is more comfortable than my mattress; you're so soft and cushiony!" moans the vet. "Yeah?" The behemoth continues his torture: a powerful full nelson, slaps to the abs, vicious body scissors. Mountain mounts the blonde muscle hunk's abs SMOTHERING his face with his meaty pecs while pinning his arms down! The American can barely move but doesn't quit! A power struggle emerges as Iceman18 rolls on the mat desperately trying to escape the giant's clutches, but Mountain continues SQUASHING and bearhugging his victim obliterating his chiseled frame. The brutal struggle is so intense that even the behemoth is winded. "You almost out of breath?" taunts the vet. "Nope I'm good!" With his victim laid out on the mat, Mountain straddles his abs and starts crushing his ribs with his meathook hands! Iceman18 gasps for air and surprisingly LAUNCHES the 300 pounder across the mat! The giant is dazed barely getting to his knees before the vet charges in with a brutal belly to belly bearhug! Mountain groans in pain taunting Iceman18 to try harder, "Come on, come on!" Incredibly, the American lifts the heavyweight off his knees in the bearhug but falls over with the giant landing on top of him. "Is that it? Come on!" Mountain begins doing push ups with the vet hanging from his belly SLAMMING him up and down into the mat until Iceman18 releases his hold. An intense back and forth bearhug battle leads to body scissors, modified camel clutch, banana split, devastating chokelift! Out of nowhere, Iceman18 surprises the muscle giant TWISTING his ankle as hard as he can as the behemoth screams in agony! "How's that feel?" Mountain's thick muscles gasp for air as the vet barrels in with another massive belly to belly bearhug! Momentum is building; the giant may be in trouble as he's taken down with another vicious LOW BLOW. "That's twice you've done that!" groans Mountain writhing in pain. Can Iceman18 keep the big man down for good? "Third times a charm!"