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The Mountain vs Joey King - Battlespace 99

The Mountain vs Joey King - Battlespace 99

$ 22.22
$ 25.95

Joey King is back to face an opponent hand-picked by Mr Mike to provide a tough challenge – The Mountain!  Joey has encountered wrestlers with big names before, but who have failed to live up to the hype – and he thinks today is no different.  Oh boy, is he in for a shock!

Joey is on the mat trash talking about how he kicks everyone’s ass and he’s going to do the same today.  The Mountain stalks up behind him, listening quietly to Joey’s rant until the veteran takes a step backwards – right into the mass monster’s personal space!  Joey is suddenly quiet as the enormity of the situation dawns on him!  He backpedals away as the Mountain just stands there, rubbing his hands in anticipation of the destruction he’s about to inflict!  Joey claims he isn’t intimidated by the Mountain, but insists on warming up.  Mountain’s patience is wearing thin, calling Joey a “tedious, f***ing boy”.  “I don’t know what that first word means,” says Joey, “but I don’t like it!”  The two men lock up and the match is on!  The two men try each other out, testing each other when Mountain suddenly grabs the back of Joey’s head and DRIVES his face into the mat with a sickening thud!  Joey is stunned, but Mountain gives him no time to recover as he lifts Joey up and literally HURLS him to the other side of the mat!  Holy s**t, what did Joey do to deserve this?!  Mountain drags Joey’s head between his thighs for a standing headscissors!  Joey frantically tries to regroup, leaping up on the Mountain’s back for a sleeper, only to be thrown forward and crushed!  But Joey is no rookie and he knows how to take on the big guys!  The Mountain turns to show off his back and Joey seizes his opportunity, taking out the Mountain’s knee and toppling the giant to the mat!  Joey follows up with a chinlock, but Mountain pushes off the mat, doing press-ups with Joey King on his back!  Joey runs his mouth, insulting the Mountain’s home, his mother – what is he thinking?!  “You’re like a truck, a monster truck!”  Joey is being utterly and completely manhandled!  But an overconfident Mountain makes a HUGE rookie mistake, and Joey sends him to the mat with a swift kick to the balls!  Joey revels in his dominance, attacking the Mountain’s massive back with double axehandle blows!  Joey keeps up the attack, and the trash talk, until the Mountain has had enough and snaps!  Suddenly, Joey finds himself being tossed around the mat before the Mountain SPLASHES down on the veteran and literally sits on his face!  A POWERBOMB has Joey in trouble!

The two men compare muscles, flexing and posing when Joey makes a rookie mistake of his own, allowing Mountain to clamp on a POWERFUL full nelson!  Mountain attacks Joey with bearhugs, low kicks and chokes, but Joey manages to trip the Mountain, giving him the chance to clamp on a sleeper hold!  But it’s not enough and the Mountain escapes!  “Time to shut you up.”  Uh oh – Joey is in for world of hurt now!  Can he find a way to outwit the massive Mountain and claim a victory?  Or will the Mountain add the King to his growing list of conquests?  And what will come of the final challenge…?