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wrestler in a choke hold

The Mountain vs Kasee - Mat Rats 113

$ 34.75

"Back in the ring again!" Kasee's face quickly turns from joy to fear as the 300lbs behemoth BARRELS towards him. Mountain wraps his meathook hand around Kasee's throat choking him then takes him down in a tight half nelson. "Well hello big guy!" moans the muscle stud struggling to breathe. "I'm gonna put you to sleep little man; take my time though!" The pressure on his neck becomes too much to bear, and Kasee passes out! Mountain CLUBS his victim awake. "What the hell? Fatty coming out of nowhere trying to put me out? That doesn't work around here!" Mountain laughs at his delirious prey, squeezes his arms down to his sides, and locks in a DRAGON SLEEPER! "You're gonna go to sleep, and there's nothing you can do about it!" Kasee struggles under the giant's 23 INCH bicep; his efforts are futile, and he is counting sheep. Mountain continues his punishment delivering a SKULL-CRUSHING standing head scissors and UPSIDE DOWN bearhug as Kasee crashes to the mat. "Come on little man, get up!" Shockingly, the underdog springs to his feet and pulls the giant's shirt over his head to blind him, "How's that feel big man?" Mountain doesn't skip a beat and wraps his powerful pythons around Kasee in a BACK-BREAKING bearhug while pulling off his shirt. The giant shakes and squeezes his victim against his 63 INCH chest as he screams in pain and is tossed down to the mat. On his back, Kasee gets a new view of the muscle hulk towering over him, "Oh My Gosh! Did you eat the whole McDonald's crew?" Mountain drops down straddling the muscle stud pinning his arms back with ONE HAND! "I can't breathe. You're so fat!" Kasee is powerless to move as the giant yanks him up into another sleeper! "No!" His tiny arms flail in the air powerless to break the viselike grip; and he passes out. Mountain sits the motionless stud up and uses his arms like a puppet, "I'm Kasee. I think I'm a big strong muscle man, but actually I'm just a little wimp!" Mountain clubs him awake and allows one free shot. Kasee winds up and tries to GUT PUNCH the hulk's muscle gut, but he feels nothing! The behemoth wraps his powerful pythons in a belly to back bearhug shaking him like a rag doll, "Had enough?" "Ok, I give!" Kasee is tossed down barely able to move, "So you just eat the people you wrestle?" "Yep!" Mountain BODY SPLASHES Kasee over and over crushing his back! "You ever felt 300 pounds on top of you?" The giant lays on his victim while repeatedly SLAMMING his face into the mat! Kasee is in agony fighting to stay conscious as the beast lifts him in a side bearhug crushing his ribs! The lightweight stumbles to his feet. Mountain flexes a double bicep totally eclipsing Kasee from the view of the camera and SMOTHERS him into the wall with his massive frame! "You ain't going nowhere!" "Feels like flubber!" groans the muscle stud struggling to breathe as he collapses. Kasee is being destroyed limb by limb and starts CRAWLING off the mat to escape! "I'm not done with you!" Mountain drags his victim back, and the devastation continues: a torture rack, gorilla press, a POWERSLAM! With so much power, will there be anything be left of Kasee?