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The Mountain vs Kid Romeo - Mat Wars 124

$ 31.25

Big vs Little fans, prepare for the SQUASH MATCH of your dreams! "I'm back, big as ever, 23 1/2 inch arms. What's anyone gonna do about that?" Mountain flexes his powerful pythons; when out of nowhere, Kid Romeo charges in trying to push over the human size refrigerator. "Really? You brought me this snack size wrestler?" Mountain picks up the lightweight STRETCHING him across his gorilla size chest as he moans in pain. The behemoth drops him down and wraps his tiny arms in a massive full nelson, his arms bigger than Kid Romeo's head! "What's your name tubby?" groans the vet as he's taken down to the mat. "Mr. Small, what we're gonna do is fold you up, put you in my suitcase, and take you back!" The heavyweight cradles his victim between his legs then CRUSHES his skull into the mat with his foot and drops his knee again and again obliterating his abs! Kid Romeo gasps for air, "You gotta send fat foreigner?" The muscle monster isn't about to be disrespected, mounts his victim's abs, crushes his rib cage with his meathook hands, and YANKS his arms nearly out of socket, "I'm gonna rip your arms off, crucify you to the ground! From now on, you can refer to me as Mr. Mountain! Do I make myself clear?" Kid Romeo struggles to breathe as the giant rolls him over SQUEEZING him between his tree trunk quads then picks him up in a powerful rear bearhug! Mountain releases his hold when Kid Romeo tries a surprise full nelson, but he can't reach, "You're too fat; I can't even get you in holds!" "No, you just got little tiny arms like a t-rex!" The lightweight rears back and jumps on the giant trying for a takedown, but he is OVERHEAD PRESSED almost into the ceiling and crashes down. Mountain engulfs his play toy with another full nelson then delivers a grueling over-the-knee backbreaker! Kid Romeo screams in pain as his back is stretched to its limits ready to break at any moment, but the beast is just getting started. The tiny muscle stud recovers and stands toe to toe with the giant, "You're strong I'll give you that, but you're not lean. Look at these man titties!" Kid Romeo flops around Mountain's beefy pecs sending him into a RAGE! "When I'm that lean, I'm 275lbs!" yells the giant launching the lightweight across the mat with one arm! "You got size, but I don't see any definition. I'm a road map; look at me!" brags Kid Romeo flexing his chiseled frame. Mountain is unimpressed and decides to teach the vet how to flex properly, "Do what I say, and if you don't, I'm gonna snap you like a twig! Understand?" The giant hammerlocks his tiny arm forcing him to flex like a puppet master! Playtime is over as the behemoth folds his victim up and uses him for bicep curls; Kid Romeo is in agony under his complete control! The torture continues: fireman's carry, overhead press, guillotine choke, dragon sleeper, RIB-CRUSHING body scissors! Kid Romeo struggles to his feet and confronts the giant, "I'm not gonna be the punching bag around here! Think you can take some gut punches?" Mountain laughs, "From you?" The lightweight punches as hard as he can over and over, but the behemoth feels nothing! Mountain decides to teach him how it's done, wraps his python around his victim's throat, and gut punches him with ONE FINGER as he crumbles to the mat writhing in pain. "This is just comedy!" With his tiny opponent helpless on the mat, the behemoth lays his 300 pound frame on top of Kid Romeo SMOTHERING him into the mat! The devious Mountain decides to have more fun and does push ups SLAMMING his thick mounds of muscle over and over on top of the lightweight crushing him even more! Kid Romeo can barely move but tries one last time to bring down the muscle monster climbing on his back with a sleeper! "Let this be a lesson to every single person in Thunders, every one of you American guys! You put too much pressure on the neck with me!" Mountain SNAPS, yanks the tiny vet off him, twists his arm to the point of breaking, and does something so brutal FILMING HAD TO STOP!!!