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The Mountain Marco Lifted Choke Hold

The Mountain vs Marco - Battlespace 97

$ 25.95
$ 31.59

After making such a HUGE impact in his debut match, The Mountain is back to take on Marco!

Resident bad-boy Marco is no stranger to taking on bigger guys – big, small, tall or short, Marco will take on anybody brave enough to step on the mats with him! But today Marco must be wondering what he did to upset Mr Mike as he spies all 6’3”, 320lbs of his opponent!  Marco offers his hand in a rare show of sportsmanship, but the Mountain has clearly done his homework – he grips Marco’s hand, crushing it, before spinning him round into a choke!  Mountain drives Marco to the mat, stepping over him and jamming his head between his MASSIVE thighs for a standing headscissor!  The Mountain stares into the camera, reeling off his stats whilst crushing poor Marco’s skull!  Mountain let’s Marco go, kicking him hard to the mat as he does.  Marco gets to his feet, trying to regroup and come up with some sort of plan!  He starts in on Mountain with his psych-outs, trying to get under the big man’s skin – but Mountain is having none of it, ignoring Marco’s taunts and shoving him into the wall!  Mountain uses his awesome size to pin Marco against the wall, trapping the superstar.  The Mountain ups the ante, clasping his hands around Marco’s neck and lifting him high off the mat in a chokelift!  Mountain manhandles Marco over his shoulders, giving Marco a close-up view of his legs.  “Your calves are bigger than my f***ing head!”  Marco doesn’t know whether to be impressed or scared!  Back on his own two feet, Marco lunges in for a lock up with the behemoth, trying to push him back.  But, true to his name, the Mountain doesn’t budge!  Mountain decides to give Marco a fighting chance, keeping one arm behind his back.  But Marco didn’t get to where he is today by following the rules – he goes for a low blow on Mountain, finally inflicting some pain!  Mountain recovers quickly, drawing himself to his full height.  “I was going to be nice to you, I was going to be real nice.”  Mountain suddenly catches Marco in his arms, pulling him in tight for a DEVASTATING bearhug!  Mountain lifts Marco up, shaking from side to side like he’s nothing, before setting him back down – Marco is not used to this!

Marco goes in again, this time trying to pick the giant up – he almost succeeds, bringing the Mountain down to the mat!  Marco quickly mounts the Mountain, trying to pin him down – but Mountain grabs his ribs and lifts him up, doing triceps presses with the helpless Marco as the weight!  Mountain LAUNCHES Marco to the other side of the mat, but Marco doesn’t waste any time – he gets back to his feet and charges back in!  Mountain is ready and catches him, lifting him first upside down in an inverted bearhug, then all the way up into a crippling Torture Rack!  The Mountain looks like he’s going for a powerbomb that will surely destroy Marco, but the Thunder’s veteran counters with headscissors from on Mountain’s shoulders!  The Mountain crumbles to the mat as Marco pours every last drop of desperate power into the squeeze!  He goes for the pin, but Mountain was just playing possum!  He lashes out, catching Marco’s leg and bringing him to the mat and into the waiting arms of the Mountain for a truly brutal ground bearhug!  All of Mountain’s 320lbs crush down on Marco, pulverising him into the mat!

Full Nelsons, flying body cross, schoolboy pins, bodyracks, leg splits, ball grabs and SO much more – including a flying body splash!  A shocking move from Marco only serves to make the Mountain even madder - can Marco withstand the punishment and find a way to topple the giant?  Or will Thunder’s newest recruit upset the veteran?  Get this match today and find out for yourself!