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The Mountain pins the Destroyer to the mat at Thunders Arena Wrestling.

The Mountain vs the Destroyer - Bodybuilder Battles 115

$ 32.95

It's The Destroyer at 260lbs vs Mountain at 300lbs in a Clash of the Muscle Monsters! Mountain walks in and CHEST BUMPS his competition; the collision sending shocking waves through the mat. "Really Mike? You couldn't find any Americans, so you have to go import stuff?" The Turkish giant grabs Mountain's sides, "Where's your muscles? That's fat!" The goliaths flex comparing bicep size, The Destroyer at 21 inches and Mountain at 23 inches! "Wanna see how strong it is?" Mountain pins The Destroyer against the wall then lifts him in a BACK-BREAKING bearhug as he moans in pain. "Had it all before, prissy little lean bodybuilders. I curl your bench!" Mountain tosses him down then locks in a sleeper, "Put my arm down!" challenges the behemoth, but he can't break away. Mountain releases his hold, and the goliaths flex comparing biceps and backs. "The size is not bad, but wish you had a better shape!" taunts The Destroyer. "It's not all about how you look, it's about how strong you are as well!" They decide on a test of strength: an arm wrestling competition. Their bulging biceps strain under the intense pressure with Mountain easily winning in both arms. Playtime is over! Mountain picks up the Turkish giant in a fireman's carry and SQUATS him with ease! The muscle bulls lock up in a mercy challenge until Mountain breaks away delivering a standing GUILLOTINE CHOKE! The Destroyer groans in pain struggling to breathe as Mountain delivers vicious knees to his ribs taking him down. The British giant shows incredible strength and picks up the 260 pounder in an UPSIDE DOWN bearhug! The Destroyer crumbles to the mat, recovers, and HAMMERLOCKS the behemoth's arm taking him down. Mountain is in pure agony as the Turkish juggernaut wraps him in a SKULL-CRUSHING head scissors, "How does that feel big guy?" The 300lbs beast struggles rocking back and forth until he escapes. With The Destroyer already on his back, Mountain mount his abs STRETCHING him out, "Pull those arms from your shoulders! See if you can get that weight off of you!" The Turkish beast groans unable to move the human size refrigerator! Mountain rolls over locking in a CRUSHING body scissors and guillotine choke, "I'm gonna break your ribs! Come on big boy fight back! Don't make it too easy!" The Destroyer can barely breathe but summons the strength to roll to his back with Mountain on top of him and BEARHUGS the 300lbs giant! "Ahh my ribs!" Amazingly, Mountain STANDS UP with the 260 pounder hanging from his chest with the bearhug still locked in! Mountain has never been SQUEEZED like this before and struggles to break the viselike grip gasping for air. "How you like that big guy?" Finally, he escapes pushing on The Destroyer's neck until he releases. Mountain is pissed and bearhugs back! "Think you can take it?" The heavyweight groans in pain and is slammed down! Mountain BODY SPLASHES The Destroyer over and over crushing him into the mat, chokes him with his Popeye forearms, then CHOKELIFTS him against the wall! The Turkish beast falls to his feet, regains his strength, and bearhugs Mountain back down to the mat! He mounts the behemoth and delivers forearm after forearm to his gorilla sized chest. Shockingly, Mountian swings his legs up trapping the giant in a SKULL-CRUSHING head scissors while flexing his biceps. "Kick back and relax. He's not going anywhere!" The Destroyer struggles to stay awake until the hold is released. The battle continues: a Boston crab, camel clutches, a body scissors so tight the victim passes out from the pain! These muscle monsters are out to destroy each other: POWERSLAMS, knees to the ribs and head, forearm punches, a GORILLA PRESS! Will The Destroyer defeat Mountain? With this much muscle action, you won't want it to end!