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Thor vs Stevie - Vegas Battles 133

$ 31.25

220 lbs vs 155 lbs

"WHO ARE YOU?" Stevie is caught by surprise. "I'm Thor...I'm supposed to be here" Stevie quickly finds out Thor is not here to play games! He picks him up over his shoulders before flinging him on the mat like a feather! Thor continues to dismantle Stevie all over the hotel room. Stevie is helpless against dragon sleepers, schoolboy pins, bearhugs, full nelsons, and leg scissors! Stevie becomes frustrated and a fire lights inside him. He attacks full steam taking Thor down using technical wrestling moves, but Thor's power overwhelms the smaller Stevie! He throws him around and breaks out of Stevie's moves. He lifts him in a massive CHOKE LIFT and Stevie has to fight for air!  Thor begins to showboat and flex for the camera as he puts his opponent through the gauntlet. He even begins to curl Stevie at one point and Stevie is beaten down but impressed. The underdog will not go down without a fight though! Stevie locks in a deep headscissors almost taking Thor out! How close can he get to taking down the new muscle? Attempt after attempt is thwarted by Thor's might. A test of strength and a vicious bearhug seals the fate of one wrestler...Can Stevie take down the new mystery wrestler Thor?


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