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TNT vs Phantom - Rough & Ready 154

$ 25.95

Introducing: TNT 5'9" 190 lbs of solid MUSCLE!

Phantom and TNT lock horns right away! No smack talk, just a flex of their biceps and then violence! Phantom gets the upper hand locking in a deep full nelson. But TNT surprises Phantom with a smooth counter and takedown! He wraps Phantom up and pins him to the mat! Phantom is not backing down and flips TNT over pinning him in a schoolboy pin sitting on his chest and flexing! TNT is definitely returning that favor! He flips Phantom and locks in a hard pin to the mat! Phantom has to counter in a hurry or he is going to lose! He manages to get TNT over on his back and flips him to a camel clutch! 
The match turns particularly intense when TNT and Phantom start throwing chest slaps around! The smacks reverberate throughout the garage and the marks begin to show on each man's chest. Neither TNT or Phantom are going to admit they are in pain and keep pushing the match forward. Flexing and hard, tight pins highlight the video as sweat begins pouring from each wrestler's perfectly sculpted bodies! A perfectly executed figure four head lock knocks one man completely out! Their opponent takes the knocked out guy's hands and makes him feel every crevice of their sweaty body...
A HARD, LOUD smack to the pec wakes up the knocked out wrestler. A barrage of Bearhugs, choke holds, Full Nelsons, and surprising counters finish this fast-paced match up! Who will emerge victorious in this sweaty slug-fest?! Download NOW!