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TNT vs Smash - Rough & Ready 155

$ 22.22
$ 25.95

Introducing Smash: 5'6" 180 lbs pro boxer
Smash and TNT address the camera and make their bold claims to win this match! Face to face flexing turns into shoving which turns into fighting! A tie up leads to Smash lifting TNT up in a fireman's carry and drop TNT directly over his knee and to the wrestling mat! Smash jumps on top of TNT and flexes! The trash talk is getting more and more personal as the wrestlers get more and more aggressive! TNT pins Smash to the mat HARD! But Smash flips the move and nearly bends TNT in half!
Smash begins to get more erotic as the match continues. TNT is unaware at first, UNTIL SMASH LICKS TNT FROM HIS ABS TO HIS NECK! Now TNT knows what is going down and the match turns on a dime! Schoolboy pins begin to find their way higher until there is more crotch in face than you will know what to do with! Both wrestlers trade aggressive holds and each time more and more erotic! The match flashes from intense painful maneuvers to slow, methodical muscle worship!
The action is non-stop! Pin after pin and submission after submission each man gains an advantage! Neither one of these alpha men are going to submit or be pinned. So the question remains...How will this match end? DOWNLOAD NOW AND SEE AN EPIC FINISH!