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Tony Cage arm lock pecs

Tony vs Cage - Mat Wars 23

$ 23.49
$ 31.25

Tony is by the pool, flexing and posing for his fans when Cage comes up and challenges him. The two of them lock up, then quickly go to the mat and wrestle around for a bit. After a little back and forth, Cage picks Tony up onto his shoulders. He dumps him on the mat and quickly puts him in a painful armbar. Tony manages to get his arm free, then returns the favor and tries to pull Cages arm out of its socket. Just when Cage gets his arm free, Tony grabs his legs and puts him in an ankle lock. Cage gets loose and headlocks Tony, then gets him down on the mat while he grabs his arm in a armbar. They wrestle around on the mat for a while until Cage decides to strip the singlet off and wrestle in his trunks. Tony doesn't waste any time and tackles Cage. He bearhugs Cage, then drops him. He grabs Cage by the hair and pulls him up into another bearhug. After flexing for the camera, he grabs Cage again in a reverse bearhug. Cage takes advantage when Tony drops him and quickly punches Tony in the chest. Then he manages to get Tony in a figure 4 headlock and keeps him in that hold while he taunts him. Tony finally manages to flip Cage over onto his back. The two of them struggle for a bit and Cage gets Tony in an armbar. Tony gets things turned around and puts Cage in a headlock. Just when it looks like Cage is going to sleep, he gets out of the sleeper hold and wraps his legs around Tony's body. They wrestle back and forth, with Cage's legs around Tony's head. Tony gets free and grabs Cage up in a reverse bearhug. He turns Cage around and bearhugs him. After several more bearhugs he gets Cage in a painful banana split. Does Tony have what it takes to finish him? Get this match and find out...

Surprise bonus match included when you buy the DVD!