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Tony vs Poseidon - Battlespace 11A

Tony vs Poseidon - Battlespace 11A

$ 25.00
$ 31.25

Poseidon is really wanting to be a part of Thunder's Arena but he just doesn't know how to wrestle. So he decided to as Tony to coach him. You can see Tony working out and his reaction to his workout being interrupted by some punk wanting to learn how to wrestle on Thunder TV, its a lot of flexing posing and using Poseidon as a workout dumbbell. The actual wrestling starts and that is what you get to watch on this download or DVD where you can see Tony go into ultimate domination mode. That's right he just gets crazy on Poseidon with bearhug after bearhug, flexing and posing over him. Then there are over the knee backbreakers, over the shoulder backbreakers, he just wants to snap Poseidon in half! If that wasn't enough Tony grabs him and stretches Poseidon out in camel clutch, chicken wing pin, then sleepers him. Yet he is not done there is more torture to be dished out with body scissors, more bearhugs, and a banana split move that left Poseidon SCREAMING for mercy as he yells, "I give!" like over 7 times. You think the poor boy is trying to rip Poseidon in half! We counted over 50 "I give!" were screamed out by Poseidon in this match. Tony just makes him give over and over and never lets him out of submission holds. In the end Tony sleepers Poseidon unconscious, throws him over his shoulder, carries him into the bedroom, slams him on the bed, and ends the match and goes back to his workout. This match is 32 minutes.