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Toros vs Deadlock - No Holds Barred 257

$ 22.22
$ 34.75

Straight to the Action!

Deadlock is yanked out of the referee's position by Toros and slammed on his back. Deadlock is planted hard and fast while Toros grunts and talks smack as he throws Deadlock around the mat. Toros uses his weight to keep Deadlock down with headlocks and classic wrestling techniques. Toros intensity begins to wain as he gets tired. Deadlock is barely surviving the onslaught from Toros and will have to find a way to slow down the mass monster! When Deadlock gets a fast 3 count and pins Toros drama breaks out. Deadlock claims his win and makes Toros flex for the camera as the loser's punishment. Toros' inexperience shows and he leave Deadlock open to hit him with a brutal low blow! Toros crumbles to the mat. Deadlock jumps on him and a back and forth of submissions and exhausted, intense wrestling begins. 

Deadlock latches in a TIGHT chest to chest bearhug and Toros begins to fade! Sweat is dripping and Toros musters up enough energy for another round. Toros lifts Deadlock up, curls him like he weighs nothing, and slams him into an over the knee backbreaker. Toros now has his mind set, he is going to use power moves to finish off Deadlock. Deadlock is lifted and slammed over and over, but refuses to bow to the rookie, Toros. Toros flies into a rage and hits Deadlock with gut punches. Toros' aggression gets him caught in a smart submission maneuver by Deadlock and he begins to pass out. What "Big Wrestling Bull" will come out on top in this intense match? Download Today!