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Travis Santiago  Bodyscissors choke submissiom hold chokehold submit

Travis vs Santiago - Mat Rats 66

$ 31.25

18 Year Old Bodybuilder Champ vs 18 Year Old Bodybuilder USA

Travis is showing off and flexing his massive muscles for the camera when the Argentina teen bodybuilder champ comes in and shoves him out of the way. Santiago is his name and he will not be upstaged by a small American. Travis and Santiago are both flex to show off for all you fans, and they don’t want to share the spotlight with each other! They’re taking turns shoving each other out of the way to make room for themselves, and giving their fans their best poses. Travis finally gets mad, asking Santiago if he thinks he’s better than him. He takes Santiago down and puts him into full nelson on the ground and challenges Santiago to look good from flexing down in that position. Afterwards Travis wraps his massive biceps close around Santiago’s throat and starts choking the life out of him. Santiago’s face is turning purple and as he’s struggling to breathe, and Travis is still asking, you think you’re better than me now?! Santiago can’t even breathe, let alone answer, so Travis switches his grip up to yank Santiago’s neck back some more. He loosens up a little too much and Santiago is able to break free. He runs around Travis and starts to crush him in a bear hug. But Travis is just too thick for Santiago to do any real damage. Travis turns Santiago around and shows him a real bearhug is done, lifting him clear off the mat while crushing his ribs. Travis flips him over down onto the mat and mounts Santiago from behind, pulling at his chin again while pushing his legs away, really stretching and working Santiago’s big body. While Santiago’s stuck in this hold, Travis starts flexing to show off how much stronger than Santiago he is. Santiago manages to wrench his way out from between Travis’ iron thigh grip, and show Travis how strong his own legs are. He wraps Travis into an arm bar and tries to bend his arm backwards. Travis is big though, he just starts flexing like he’s training for his bicep curls to break out of Santiago’s grip. Santiago just decides to use that for his advantage though, and wraps Travis’ own arm around his neck tight, so that he’s stuck. Travis is grunting and groaning, trying to figure out a way to muscle out of this hold, but Santiago’s not planning on letting go anytime soon. These two young bodybuilders are going all out to prove to their fans that they’re hottest new guy at Thunders. Who is your favorite?