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Tristan vs Van - Vegas Battles 87

$ 34.75

A scandalous bedroom secret ignites a hot and heavy battle to keep quiet! Asleep, Van Acker is jarred awake; his mouth covered by Tristan's hand. "You can't make noise!" orders Tristan. Panic sets in as a confused Van Acker is attacked with gut punches and a brutal leg stretch. "What did I do? Please!" begs Van Acker; his hushed screams silenced by the enraged Tristan. Van Acker breaks free as the bedroom showdown continues with arm-bars, gut punches, and a banana split for control. Hungry for revenge, Van Acker wraps Tristan in crushing head scissors. Tristan groans in pain as Van Acker smothers Tristan's face with his trunks to keep him quiet. Desperate, Tristan flips Van Acker over to escape as the wrestlers lock up in a mercy challenge. Tristan powers out and lifts Van Acker in a brutal belly to belly bearhug. "I like what I see, and I take what I like!" threatens Tristan. Van Acker gasps for air bent over backwards in Tristan's powerful arms before he is let go. Things get down and dirty as Van Acker and Tristan use titty twisters, ball claws, and smacks to the ass. Trying for a knockout, Van Acker wraps Tristan in a front-facing head scissors, but the devious Tristan has a horrific trick up his sleeve! The battle to keep quiet continues with an over-the-knee back breaker, gut punches, head scissors, leg locks, and painful knockout. "Don't worry; I don't think anyone knows!" whispers the winner; their scandalous secret is kept safe.