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Tristan vs Dom9 - Vegas Battles 88 Part 1

$ 31.25

An unpaid bill sparks a secret deal and sexy hotel showdown! Things get heated as hotel employee Tristan confronts Dom9 over his room charges. Inch by inch and ready to pounce, Dom9 slowly moves in on the frustrated Tristan. "We can work something out!" suggests Dom9 while pec bouncing his beefy chest. A secret deal is made as Tristan gives in to his desire and grabs handfuls of Dom9's biceps and pecs. The muscle worship begins as an office chair becomes center stage to a sexy, mouth-watering striptease! Back on their feet, Dom9 and Tristan flex and explore each other's rock-hard bodies. "So you know how to wrestle?" taunts Dom9. "That's all man right there! Think you got the stuff?" challenges Tristan. Both wrestlers battle for control with tight hammerlocks until Dom9 escapes with an over-the-shoulder takedown. Groaning in pain, Tristan is laid out as Dom9 mounts his victim and smothers Tristan's face with his sweat-filled trunks. Tristan strains but finally rolls Dom9 over for a brutal arm-lock, ab claw, and gut punches. "We'll see how solid you are!" taunts Tristan. Dom9 struggles for air as Tristan presses in deep and does push-ups on top of Dom9's injured abs before he escapes. Things get hot and heavy as Dom9 and Tristan roll around in tight pins, ball claw, and grueling leg-locks. "I'm gonna make my money's worth right here!" threatens Dom9 ready to unleash his domination. The intense muscle worship continues leading to a steamy round #2!